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Samsung Gear VR: Virtual Reality Headset

With the Partnership of Oculus, Samsung beat the feel of Virtual life by launching the Gear VR.

It is compatible with all Samsung Galaxy devices (Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/S6 Edge+, or Galaxy S7/S7 Edge).The Gear VR headset also includes a touchpad and back button on the side, as well as a proximity sensor to detect when the headset is on. Virtual Reality Headset gaming is the upnext level spike in gaming industries. To play a just game and play in virtual reality has vast difference and experience in gaming.

Gear VR is very comfortable, easy setup and completely portable with very lighter weight. Samsung gear VR handset can be referred as HMD that is Head mounted displays, which place your smart phone in front of your face to spot you in the virtual reality.

Samsung VR is made for your mobile active lifestyle to enjoy the real time fun in your gaming at next level of virtual world. Gaming controller has now new wings for Virtual reality extension as well future generation release for the extra ordinary feel experience.

Oculus technology has given the real looks and feature to the device means doesn’t matter from which angle you watch from up or down. The impressive super AMOLED screen for movement so realistic and vivid surrounding.

Samsung Gear VR, gear vr, samsung vr , gear vr samsung , vr Samsung

The 360 degree amazing video and gaming experience will attract a ton of customer from the Samsung lovers group. There are multiple choices are available in VR, Netflix app on gear VR offers the TV live experience at anywhere. There are dozens of games are available on Oculus store.

One of the agency shows that VR is also support to distract the patients to support some treatment like chemo therapy.

Samsung Gear VR, gear vr, samsung vr , gear vr samsung , vr Samsung


The design of gear VR is extremely superb have flow less performance and the fitment on face without any difficulty.

Initially gear VR was bundled only 30 apps and games to try out, now the time we have 18 pages of content with the full exclusive games.

The detail specification, parameters and software platform can be viewed in following link.

Gear VR updates

Samsung Gear VR: Virtual Reality Headset

On 8 March 2017 the excited feature added for Gear VR that’s FACEBOOK 360 APP.

Now watch the 360 content across Facebook your and network of your friends, relatives including from pages and people  you follow. The Magical combo of Facebook 360 and Gear VR is here to see the world any time.

The updates for VR arelaunched for the better designed to make browsing more immersive.

The better understanding for the software setup, pl go through following link.

The new feature expressed in updated version is the user can change the background images as he wants. With the new Change Background feature, users can customize the background of their VR space with premium images provided by cloud graphics company OTOY. In addition to the previously added Skybox feature, which allows each website to set its own background with 360 images, this will provide a more immersive browsing experience.

Samsung Internet for Gear VR also provides support for WebVR v1.0: an experimental JavaScript API that provides the browser with access to the device’s VR features and allows users to view 3D images on websites from various angles.

Samsung Gear VR, gear vr, samsung vr , gear vr samsung , vr Samsung


New feature on Facebook with Gear VR Live streaming.

Facebook made simple to share the gaming score or details sharing with friends with Live moves.

Facebook live streaming to the Samsung Gear VR headset. This means that Gear VR owners can broadcast their gaming sessions directly to Facebook’s social networking service so that others can watch the action.

The Samsung Gear VR is the virtual headset created in a partnership between Samsung and Facebook (FB). Facebook provides its Oculus VR software while Samsung manufactures the headsets.

Facebook users who watch one of the Gear VR live streams will see a first-person perspective of the gaming session in real time. They can also leave comments on Facebook that appear to the left of the gaming screen.

Currently this feature is launched for person who lives in US, but FB ensuring the extend the same through the globe soon.

There are numbers of things, which you will enjoy with the Gear VR, So go and grab it!

Samsung Developing Gear VR Smartwatch Controller App


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