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Iphone os vs android os

Iphone vs android

iphone vs android : There is a huge demand of people through the globe always to pick the best phone. Which is worth paying mobile iphone or android.  As per user review both have their own pros and cons. The end customer has to select the parameters depending his choice and use.
When the both phones have the best features, Customer would be confused as which is best option android or iphone. Here we will share some important truth for both option so you can understand the difference and comeout from this smartphone war.
There are numbers of things which matters to select the perfect choice between iphone and android like following.
Price, Feature,Feel.User interface, Response time,Performance,Look,operating system, size, color, Multimedia, input / output options,Camera result, weight,durability , compability,storage,and still many more.
Here we will focus some most important points to choose your best phone from Andorid or iphone.
Lets start with iphone, we will plot here the good and bad in terms of pros and cons to display the main difference between the both options.

Lets start with iphone, we will plot here the good and bad in terms of pros and cons to display the main difference between the both options.

Iphone Os

Iphone Pros

  • Good support
  • Software and hardware both controlled by Apple only.
  • Curated app store, no options for problems
  • Sober looks and limited use
  • Best design

Iphone Cons

  • Limitation in customization
  • Limitation in compability with other interface i.e. PC, other software.
  • No external storage expansion
  • Limited widget and multitasking
  • Price band is pretty fixed


Android Os

Andorid  Pros

  • Open source
  • Easy customization
  • Expandable memory available
  • Wider choice of phones,brands,colour
  • Multiple choice on design and output
  • Billions of apps store at android play store
  • Easy compability with any device or PC.

Andorid Cons

  • Highest chance of malware
  • Interface level is varies from model to model.
  • Complex in support
  • Quality of hardware is challenge because of competitions
  • Security and privacy is low

This is again not approved and concluded version to finalize the deal, it helps you to decide your priority. Hardware and software comparison is pretty complex between iphone and android as it purely depending on the model which you are comparing for.

Here we have plotted basic difference between 2 model , i.e. iphone 7 plus vs Samsung galaxy s7 edge.

Main Specification

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Operating system

iOS 10

Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)


Quad-core 2.3 GHz Apple A10 Fusion

Octa-core 2.3 GHz Exynos 8890


3 GB

4 GB


5.5 in

5.5 in


1920 x 1080

2560 x 1440




Screen type



Rear camera, video

12 megapixels; f/1.8; 4K HD video

12 megapixels; f/1.7; 4K HD video

Front-facing camera

7 megapixels

5 megapixels

Memory card slot




158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3 mm

150.9 x 72.6 x 7.7 mm




Battery capacity

2900 mAh

3600 mAh

Removable battery




IP 67

IP 68

Wireless/Fast Charging






So, Seeing this table we can conclude that, Yes! Android option providing major features and extended varieties with the competitive pricing but still some user interface, quality of physical module, sensor response, brand image, simplicity would be the definitely great in iPhone. You can reach out the readily available module or tables for the further comparison between Screen, Size, Battery, camera performance, etc. for both iPhone vs android.

The android in iphone and iphone feature in android is again a new turn of users to feel the excitement to use the combo of both OS or feature to compare and enjoy the greed.
There are number of themes and formats are available in android to implement the layer of feel – iphone in existing android.

Similarly recent popup for android on iphone 8 is in lime light. The eye case, which is expected by August 2017 which would be attached backside of iphone to get feel of android on iphone. You need to wait for our next release to get the details.

Iphone os vs android os

Iphone os vs android os

Conclusion :

As the both phones have their oven advantages and disadvantages. The best reply or opinion is go with your choice with eye-opening points as above to understand your choice closely and take a fruitful decision.
So, wish you a good luck to choose your best smartphone from basket- iPhone or Android.

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