iPhone 8 Rumors: Barclays Analysts Report iPhone 8 May Sport New Form Factor

iPhone 8 Rumors: Barclays Analysts Report iPhone 8 May Sport New Form Factor

Industry experts report that Apple might have two new smartphones lined up for next year, both of which will feature curved, border less designs.

Analysts from Barclays Research said the tech company is looking to discard the traditional bezel design for its upcoming 5-inch iPhone and 5.8-inch iPhone units in order to make them as small as its current 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch offerings.

While the design for the iPhone 8 hasn’t been confirmed yet, the the analysts believe that it could feature a bezel-less look with curved edges and a larger display compared with the original design.  The new iPhone could move from 4.7 inches to 5 inches and its plus version could move from 5.5 inches to 5.8 inches.

These Details reportedly came from sources within Apple’s own supply chain while the analyst were on a recent trip to Asia.

Rumored iPhone 8 Design

According to MacRumors, the Barclays researchers added that the rumored 5.8-inch iPhone will be added the rumored 5.8 inch iPhone will be the only one to feature an OLED display, giving it a sharper and brighter screen.This will also allow the new handset to have a more energy efficient display compared with other smartphones with LCD screen.

So far, Apple receives its supplies of OLED display from rival smartphone makers LG and Samsung, Sharp is also slated to become a supplier by 2018.

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iPhone 8 Rumors: Barclays Analysts Report iPhone 8 May Sport New Form Factor

The latest iPhone 8 rumor supports earlier statements made by KgI Securities analyst ming-chi kuo. In March,Kuo said that Apple will release a 5.8-inch version of its flagship iPhone with glass casing and curved OLED screen in 2017.

Tech blogger and entrepreneur Robert Scoble said the iPhone 8 will have a clear glass case, which could be made from Gorilla Glass combined with polycarbonates for better durability. This clear glass look will allow Apple to incorporate augmented reality technology with the new  smartphone.

“You pop it into a headset which has eye sensors on it, which enables the next iPhone to have a higher apparent frame rate and polygon count  than a PC with a Nvidia 1080 card in it,” Scoble pointed out. Meanwhile, Japanese news websites Nikkei reported that the upcoming iPhone will have a considerably larger display. This premium model will be featured alongside the company ‘s 4.7-inch and 5-inch handsets that have LCD screens.

As far as other possible designs for the iPhone 8 go, Barclays said it doesn’t believe that the new smartphone will have its Home button embedded beneath its display, contrary to earlier rumors.

The research firms said it is more likely that the upcoming handset will share a few design similarities with Xiaomi’s Mi Mix, which features a slight bezel located at the bottom of the unit.

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