iPhone 7 Plus Now Takes ‘3D’ Photos With iOS App

iPhone 7 Plus Now Takes ‘3D’ Photos With iOS App

The iPhone 7 Plus, it’s have already dual camera set-up, definitely takes high-quality pictures. But this new app of iPhone 7 Plus wants to increase the game by allowing users to take 3D photos.

According to Forbes, now Users can take 3D images using their iPhone 7 Plus by using the third-party camera app ProCam 4. The app makes use of the handset’s dual cameras in an innovative way to produce amazing photos.

3D Photo Technology of iPhone 7 Plus

Using the iPhone 7 Plus dual cameras the app works by snapping photos, and using the different perspectives that the lenses create that will result to what is called a stereoscopic image. The last part is a “wigglegram” that swiftly move between the two created images, reproduce a 3D effect.

Although, after the pressing the shutter button the ProCam 4 app does not automatically create a “wigglegram”. The user will be accessible with two overlapping photos displayed simultaneously on screen, the subject of which should be perfectly united. This is done manually, so yet it is rally a cool app, it does not give instant 3D pictures.

You can see a video of the wigglegram feature in action below:

A short time ago, the iOS 10.1 update that rolled out as beta now allows users to fully enjoy their iPhone 7 Plus’ dual cameras. According to CNET, when using the portrait mode now pictures have a greater sense of depth.

Those who are part of Apple’s Beta Software Program only they can be exclusively downloaded the beta, but anyone can sign up here.

Those who already have the beta installed on their phones, they can simply go to the Camera app and select portrait mode. On the screen Directions will appear, a yellow sign with “Depth Effect” will pop up, and then users can hit the shutter button and wait until the picture is fully taken.

Then the app gives you the option to save the wigglegram as a GIF, JPEG + GIF or as a Video +GIF, and it’s also allowing you to share it on a variety of platforms while retaining the 3D illusion.

The iPhone 7 dual camera definitely offers a lot more options for the standard customer.High quality photos and cool effects are now just a shutter click away.

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