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New WhatsApp Update: WhatsApp Status Turns Into a Snapchat Stories

WhatsApp Status: WhatsApp just announced the newest feature of its iOS and Android apps. New WhatsApp update in WhatsApp status, the feature is described to function just like Instagram and Snapchat’s Stories. So now users can share personal content with their WhatsApp users, and this WhatsApp status content will have a 24-hour expiry.

The CEO and Co-founder Jan Koum wrote on the official WhatsApp blog that, they are rolling out update that reinvents the WhatsApp Status feature of the cross-platform instant messaging application, which lets you to share photos and videos with your friends and contacts on WhatsApp in an easy and secure way. Also he pointed out that this feature is secure because the Status updates users will share are end-to-end encrypted.

Jan Koum also said that the release of the update is special because it is rolling out in time for WhatsApp’s 8th birthday on February 24. He also proudly shared how this additional feature is part of their efforts in improving and evolving the messaging app from just being a “text only” platform.

  WhatsApp Status, WhatsApp update, new WhatsApp, WhatsApp Status update,new WhatsApp Status  WhatsApp Status, WhatsApp update, new WhatsApp, WhatsApp Status update,new WhatsApp Status

It also understandable that they are adding this feature now because as said by Koum, their idea for the platform eight years ago was for it to be an application that enables friends to know what their contacts are up to.

According to MacRumors reports, with the new WhatsApp update now users can use the in-built camera to capture and share pics and videos that can be explained with text snippets, emojis and even drawings. Status updates can be shared with all contacts, rather than just individuals or specific groups, but there are also options to choose the once who can view the shared content.

So this new and improved status feature will allow you keep your friends who use WhatsApp easily updated in a fun and simple way.

As Android Authority reports, this new WhatsApp update could also affect growth for Snapchat and this is bad news to the company for it is currently preparing itself to go public. Snap Inc. also plans to start trading shares in March.

By tapping the reply button, friends can reply to the new “Status”, which will be sent as a new WhatsApp message.

WhatsApp Inc. said the new WhatsApp update would rollout to users from Monday 20 Feb, and would be “available soon around the World for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone Users.”

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