Massive WhatsApp Update for Android and iOS is expected soon

Massive WhatsApp Update for Android and iOS is expected soon

WhatsApp are getting some main new features in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp is the World’s most popular messaging App for the Android and iOS users. Both the iOS and Android Versions of WhatsApp are look to be getting updates and there’s to be excited about a lot of things.

WhatsApp is preparing a major update to line up with the public launch of Apple iOS 10.

WhatsApp’s new Features for the iPhone:

Its include Siri API support, which will allow hands-free messaging.

iOS 10 adds the ability to interact with notifications and apps on the lockscreen. This will allow user to reply to WhatsApp calls and messages directly in the lockscreen.

It’s also thinking about WhatsApp Voice calls will soon be able to be made directly from your contacts list on the iPhone.

In iOS 10, Apple is opening Siri to third-party developers, and it seems like WhatsApp is ready to take advantage of the feature.

WhatsApp will also support rich notification in iOS 10, but it’s still in development, although there is no exact confirmation on when this feature will rollout. Also the GIF Support is yet not confirmed.

WhatsApp’s new Features for the Android:

Before this year, WhatsApp’s video call was marked on a beta version of Android, but the company had then disabled it and this feature has not yet launched for users.

Under the update, users will now find a front facing flash when clicking selfies from the WhatsApp’s camera. This update is only for the WhatsApp’s Camera .it’s not for the phone’s camera. When you are clicking photos, a flash-like effect it seen on the screen. Which phones that don’t have a facing flash will use display panel for the facing flash effect.

But now for Android users, the company has launched a new beta version of WhatsApp allows users to draw and doodle on an image before it’s sent. As well as freestyle writing there’s also a selection of stickers which can be slapped on images to add some fun.

WhatsApp New update for ios and Android
Whatsapp update :draw and doodle on an image

The version includes the new forward picker which separates the contact list into two lists. On the top portion its show most frequent contacts and the list on the bottom include the address book in the device. For sharing something you can select multiple contact from the top portion of the contact list it will show most frequent contacts and also from the address book contacts.

WhatsApp update for Ios and Android


If you’re an emoji fan you will soon be able to send them in a larger format.

WhatsApp will also introduce an official “Announcements channel” to announce important changes and updates to the users. In Android only rooted devices can be enabled Video calls, but both users should enable on their end. These updates have been cumulated from WABetaInfo on Twitter. Although the fact of this feature is limited to Group conversation and it does not work on individual chats.

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Currently, WhatsApp updated is privacy policy, Sharing data, which will include mobile numbers with

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