Google launches Duo video-calling app, a dull cross-OS FaceTime competitor

Google launches Duo video-calling app, a dull cross-OS FaceTime competitor

Google Duo-Finally, Google has launched its new app for Android and IOS .A new video chat app that works especially on phones, is getting released’s rapid, accessible and free of difficult bells and whistles.If you want to call , you tap on the face of the Person,they respond.
You have a one-on-one video chat using phone number.

– Duo was declared at Google I/O in May and it’s globally available on Today in 78 languages.
-It is available on Android Phones and IPhone.


How Its Works:

First, When you Registered the app checks your Phone number from your SIM and then sends you a Confirmation Message in your phone number. In that no Friend list and nor contact to maintain. It is directly load the contact from your Phone’s contact list. It follows a trend established by the likes of Facebook’s and WhatsApp.

Google’ group manager for Communication of Amit Fulay said “If users are not ready yet to video call because they don’t know the other persons are connected to right network,the right gadget or it’s a good time to call”we have tried to cut off all the friction and make it feel like an invitation, not an interruption when someone call’s you.

“Duo is all about simplicity and quality. It’s all about video calling. There are no frills, no knobs or dials to adjust, it just works.”


Feature of Google Duo:

-In this app one latest feature and it’s also new feature it’s called “Knock Knock”.This feature is not working on iPhone.When you attend call on Android your whole screen starts display the live video from your caller before you yet answer. It allows you see who’s calling,and allow the caller make funny faces to try to attract you to answer.

-Video Quality is solid.

See this Google Duo App preview:

In Google Duo app Knock Knock Feature worked very well and Duo has the added benefit of making call start without delay. Already the video call is running in nanoseconds you swipe up to answer for it. As an alternative of the call starting with frustration and confusion, Fox says, “you start with a smile because you know it already works.” I don’t know about the smile, but I do know that Duo calls started without all the “Hello, are you there?” that I typically experience with most other video and audio calls.

In back end ,google also done a lot of work to make things feel’s based on WebRTC. ,with some added technical support to make the call mechanically ratchet the quality up or down depending on your connection quality.When you switch from Wi-Fi to cellular It’s even able to maintain the call.

Google declared ‘Duo is the Second of the two apps at its developer meeting this last past May.Other App is the AI-enhanced text messaging app Allo,but google hasn’t declared a release date.but may not as confusing as Google’s overall strategy with communication apps. instead of fixing its unified solution, Hangouts.Google has to release two different messaging apps:
1)Video and, 2)Text

Disadvantage of Google Duo:

In Duo You can not do group calling, video effects or text chat. If you want to video call someone without Duo, you’ll have to invite them over SMS with an app download link. Starting from zero users with that level of insecurity might push people to go with a competitor their contacts are likely to already have. That’s a big drawback versus the universally Facebook Messenger and Skype’s video call features.

Question is whether Google does-on-couple a video chat Google very well or that it set to do.

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