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Amazon Fire Stick Apps

Here we are describing about Amazon Fire Stick Apps. Note that some of the Amazon Fire Stick Apps listed below actually stream content while some others just make your Fire stick experience better.  Amazon Fire Stick Apps is a much easier and most comfortable option for digital entertainment as you only need to plug in the Fire TV.

Amazon Fire Stick Apps

Amazon Fire Stick Apps > Kodi

amazon-fire-stick-apps1Our love of Kodi is quite well known. We have published numerous Kodi / XBMC guides. Amazon Fire TV is one of the best sub-$100 Android media players to run Kodi.

For those who don’t know, Kodi is an open-source multi-platform media center that can play media from local device, network storage, or from the internet.

Kodi has to be sideloaded on Fire TV and is not to install available from Amazon App Store. In fact, Amazon has gone out of its way to not include Kodi in their App Store.

Amazon Fire Stick Apps > FireStarter

amazon-fire-stick-apps2Since the Kodi shortcut on homescreen does not work on the new Fire TV 4K, I decided to install FireStarter.

I was blown away by how easy FireStarter makes loading Kodi and other sideloaded apps. In my opinion, it is easily one of the best Amazon Fire TV apps.

If you are Kodi and other sideloaded apps user or if you hate the Fire TV interface then FireStarter is an alternative launcher that presents an Android-like Fire TV Apps list. FireStarter also has to be sideloaded on Fire TV.

Amazon Fire Stick Apps > Netflix

amazon-fire-stick-apps3Netflix decided to up its subscription recently, but it is still one of the major sources of internet media streaming.

Even though you get free Amazon Videos with Amazon Prime, the media library does not come close to what Netflix offers. For cord cutters, Netflix is still one of the best Amazon Fire TV apps. Netflix can be easily installed on Fire TV and Stick through Amazon App store.

 Amazon Fire Stick Apps > Plex


Amazon Fire TV is the best Plex client period. Emby is catching up, but Plex is still second best AFTV app after Kodi for streaming local and internet content. On light hardware (eg. Fire Stick), Plex is less taxing and can stream HD and UHD videos better than Kodi. Like Kodi addons, Plex channels extend its functionality but not anywhere near Kodi. Plex is also available though Amazon App Store.


Amazon Fire Stick Apps > Youtube

amazon-fire-stick-apps5Nothing really to see here. Youtube is the King of free online videos. All indications are that more original content may be made available through Youtube in future.

It is on our list of best Kodi addons in 2015, and it definitely belongs in this list here. No single video site is a match for what Youtube has to offer. YouTube can also be installed easily through Amazon App Store.

Amazon Fire Stick Apps > Allcast

amazon-fire-stick-apps6We have written about how Allcast can help stream content from your phone. Allcast makes streaming videos, photos, and music stored on your phone to Fire TV a cakewalk.

While its functionally and integration with other apps is not quite at the level of Chromecast, it is still one of the best apps for Fire Stick and TV for casting content.

YouMap was better at bringing Chromcast’s functionality to Fire TV but it has been removed from App store. But Allcast is still available through Amazon App Store.

Amazon Fire Stick Apps > Pandora

amazon-fire-stick-apps7If you have Amazon Prime, you get free Music and you may not need Pandora. Pandora has a huge library and we tried to cover best Fire TV apps that are outside Amazon’s ecosystem.

While iHeartRadio and Spotify are also available. Pandora has been my favorite internet music app and I have been using it happily for nearly a decade. But, you cannot go wrong by going with one of the other music streaming apps for Fire TV.

Amazon Fire Stick Apps > Fire TV Remote

amazon-fire-stick-apps8I hate having multiple remotes. My setup includes a $5 USB IR Remote, paired with my Logitech 650 remote, to control Fire TV / Kodi and my TV.

Occasionally when I have to do things with Fire TV, the Fire TV Remote app is an alternative to the physical remote control.

The feature I like the most is the ability to type using the Android keyboard. You also get voice search, navigation, and playback control with the remote app. Needless to say it works with both Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Consequently, it is one of the top apps for Fire TV in the App Store.

Amazon Fire Stick Apps > ES File Explorer

amazon-fire-stick-apps9Now we are expanding outside the realm of media apps for Fire TV. ES File Explorer is one of the top file managers on Android that allows managing SD Card contents and Fire TV storage space, as well as explore Bluetooth, LAN, FTP, and local files.

 This is key because, this allows you to download APK files directly on Fire TV, and install them. This means is that you may no longer need to sideload apps on Fire TV using adbFire or similar apps (guides on how to do this are coming soon). ES File Explorer can be installed from Amazon App Store.

Amazon Fire Stick Apps > FTP Server

amazon-fire-stick-apps10FTP Server app sets up an FTP server on your Fire TV, thus making your storage space accessible remotely through FTP. This can be an extremely powerful feature, especially for the First Generation Fire TVs. Using FTP Server App, I have successfully copied my Kodi settings, library, and everything from one device to other.

This makes it easy to make all Kodi devices look and work exactly the same. FTP server has to be sideloaded on to Fire TV and is not available through the App Store. Stay tuned for more guides using this app.

This list of the Amazon Fire Stick Apps is a general recommendation. The number of media streaming apps direct from content creator.

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