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Online Media Buying and Planning Software

Commitment is the trendy expression around which a brand guarantees that it stays significant and newsworthy. A criticism put together a process that flourishes with respect to intuitiveness is significant in any event, when the customer is looking for a website or any web property. The media buying agency process is a lot of strategic wholesale multi-platform ad space purchases, negotiations, and courses of action planned for finding the most advantageous arrangement at the least cost for the period. Media planning is the utilization of ad-banners to pick up mileage from a campaign to pull in purchasers to take an interest as opposed to progress toward becoming spectators.

Media buying and planning software rely on the experience and understanding of demographics, profitable web properties and how you can extract their guest base. It additionally relies on the understanding of business and populating the web with ad-campaigns on comparative topical web properties.

Online Media Buying and Planning Software

Media Buyers are the people answerable for obtaining time and advertising space to advertise. In simple words Media buying can likewise be alluded to as display advertising, is the point at which a creative is set on a website, network of websites, or an advertising network. There are many great media buying agency in the market to provide a buyer with the most proficient and user-friendly experience. For them, their customers are like family and offer some unique advantages in media buying software market. Media planners consider the items being advertised, the target audience, and the campaign objectives when making a purchase. Media buyers deal with the underlying purchase and make efforts to improve ad performance through the whole campaign process.

Features of Media Buying and Planning Software


This is one of the most important in media buying and planning software where all wholesale products and services are available to sell to your client.

Specialized Worksheets

The media buying agency makes easy to create orders for every media type in specialized worksheets such as Broadcast Television, Cable Television, Radio, Outdoor, Print and Digital.

Nielsen Integration

Here, the media buying agency integrates directly with Nielsen Television and Audio ratings to make your buying and planning more efficient that allows quick and suitable access to your ratings data without any hard work.

Comscore Integration

The agency will integrate directly with the Comscore Television ratings to make your media buying and planning more resourceful that allows quick access to your purchased data without any legwork.

Import Tool

In this feature, the media buying agency will allow users at any subscription level to import full avails and proposal files directly into the client’s worksheets to save time and money.

Invoice Reconciliation

Here, the agency allows users to upload digital invoices or manual lines to match against your worksheets.

Traffic Management

In this feature, the media buying agency allows users to create and send traffic instructions with just few clicks from the platform that includes creative and links. This feature is available on all the subscription levels and ways agency works to make media buyer’s job easy.


This feature update books during the Invoice Reconciliation process to quickly compare estimated vs actual ratings and the media buying agency makes it easy for the buyers by providing quick solutions for their clients that can add a layer of reassurance to their users.


The Dashboard of media buying agency offers a customized experience for every customer such as most recently accessed worksheets that offered as clickable links and allows users to take back where they were.


The agencies media buying, and planning software helps you create new campaign in a click, to create new orders in your system.

Client Database

Here, the media buying agency stores client information and access a dedicated campaign list and dynamic calendar.

Vendor Database

Here, the agency offers custom markets and unlimited representatives for both unrated and rated vendors for users.

CRM Tool

This tool keeps track valuable contact information for current and future lead generation in a simple platform.


Here, the rated users can create rankers for radio and television with simple ability to export. Clients can choose their ratings provider, media of decision, books and target demographics. Essential and optional demographics can be pulled all the while. Data filters enable our clients to limit their pursuit by timeframe or even least and most extreme ratings.

Inventory Research

The media buying agency enables clients to look through their rated subscription inventory or even past buys for explicit details to add to another or existing worksheet. This incredible asset enables buyers to spare time and become much increasingly effective when delivering future buys.

Team settings

This feature restricts users or user teams within your agency to certain users. Making the team is basic, with a couple of clicks you can give it a name, add clients and toggle to activate.

Data Filters

This will narrow your worksheet to specific dayparts, merchants or even lines with spots. These features give our worksheets a custom feel and let every client pick what they need to see or hide what they don’t.

Agency Dynamic Calendar

Here, Active campaigns are color-coded on our dashboard calendar for quick access.

Customer Feature Requests

This feature allows customers to submit requests to the development team to help design your dream software.


Finally, choose the best media buying agency if you are looking to manage budgets, track your spending and maximize resources. Start by taking the software for few days test drive and see how it can benefit you. Hope you like the article. If you have any feedback, please let us know in the comment section.

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