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Local SEO Tips for Beginner in Managing Blogs

Blog can be considered as the mini version of website. That is because a lot of people started from the free blog until they have the confidence in buying the top level domain and start their own website. Since blogs and websites are basically similar, there are not many differences that you can find. That is why managing a blog and managing a website is relatively similar. That is why before you start managing a website, you need to firstly learn how to manage a blog using the proper SEO. It is because to get more visitors to your blog, you need to learn these local SEO tips. Or else, you will not be able to get more visitors to your blog even though post every single day. So, you need to try some of these tips about SEO below.

The first tip that you can try is to make your own business page. This is something common that many people do nowadays. It is because to make this kind of thing is not that hard. So, you can surely do it on your own. If you are wondering why you should open a business page, it is because the page will help people to find you. In this case, Google is the best platform where you can easily create the business page. This one is because the features are complete enough and you can easily use most of them even though you are not that tech savvy.

The second thing that can help you manage your blog is to be consistent. This is something hard for many people since consistency is something quite vast. There are a lot of things related with the consistency that you need to know. The first one is that you need to be consistent when you are posting something in your blog. If your blog is talking about car, then do not talk about bike. Another kind of consistency is the data of your blog. You surely put your name, address and the phone just in case someone is trying to reach you. That is why you should never change that information unless it is required. The main reason is because you will be able to reach broader market if you have never changed the information from your blog.

The last SEO tip for you in managing your blog is to make sure that all of the links are working properly. This is not something easy since you might have to check everything one by one. However, there are tools that you can use online to check if there is any broken link. As an addition to that, when you are checking for the broken link, it is also necessary for you to check if there is any duplication of content or post. If you have one, then you need to delete the one with smallest visitor. You do not need two same posts inside one blog since that will split the traffic of your blog.

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