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How to Start and Score more on Kaggle Competitions

Kaggle, a mainstream platform for data science competitions, can be scary for beginners to get into. Have you at any point contemplated entering a Kaggle competition however you didn’t generally have any idea where to begin? Or on the other hand perhaps you felt a little apprehensive so you went to the site and there are such a significant number of things and it was overpowering and you don’t have the foggiest idea how to do it. Kaggle specifically, the Titanic machine learning competition. It is designed to be the best conceivable beginning spot for you.

Try not to stress, we have you covered. If you don’t have a clue what Kaggle really is then you can find out about Kaggle in light of the fact that here, we are just going to discuss how to begin in a machine learning competition on

Why should you take part in this Kaggle competition?

All in all, machine learning competitions are an extremely pleasant approach to play with different techniques and strategies where the entirety of the hard and sort of exhausting work about data science has just been accomplished for you. The data has been perfect, they have developed the metric, there’s a truly clear issue, there’s a decent description of everything that is in the data so you don’t just have to make sense of that yourself. You can simply attempt different techniques and see what works.

It’s additionally an extremely pleasant approach to acclimate yourself with Kaggle and everything that is on Kaggle. So of course, they have Kaggle competitions, yet in the course of the competition you should utilize some different data sets and you may glance through Kaggle data sets. You can really compose and run your code straightforwardly on Kaggle utilizing Kaggle notebooks and then submit from one of your notebooks. There is a certifiable community on this platform so you can make a few companions. It is actually something beneficial for new Kagglers. It’s an extremely pleasant spot to pose a few inquiries, answer a few questions and become a piece of the Kaggle community.

What Kaggle’s competition is about?

In spite of the differences between Kaggle and typical data science, Kaggle competition can at present be an extraordinary learning instrument for beginners. How about we plunge into the challenge. The Titanic was a passenger ship that broadly and disastrously sunk on its maiden voyage and most of the individuals who were on board the boat died. So, what this competition needs you to make sense of is the manner by which to build a model to help predict what factors may have prompted someone enduring or not.

It’ll give you data on every one of the passengers for some of them it will disclose to you whether they died in the sinking or not so you can utilize that data to prepare your model and then for a portion of different passengers they won’t. Your job is to attempt to figure for those passengers that they haven’t informed you regarding whether they endure or not.

Get started on Kaggle

To begin with, accept the rules and join the kaggle competition. And at that point, you have to get the data which will be broken into two files; one is the preparation data. The second data set doesn’t have any marks and that is the data set that you will send your predictions back for. The data about your prediction referenced in this data (by you) will decide your leader board position.

  • When you have the data, the following stage is to understand the issue. You need to know about the issue thoroughly. You can explore about Titanic in this kaggle competition to understand what the issue is. At that point do some exploratory data investigation, for example, are there missing values? Are there slanted fields? How are you going to manage these things? So, you become more acquainted with and understand the data set.
  • Now, start your modeling. So, tune your preparation models, change the hyperparameters of the models to attempt to improve results for your models, and then gathering the models (taking your models and assembling them) to get your first predictions.
  • When you are finished with your predictions you need to upload those predictions and you’ll get a score. You will be on the leader board and start your voyage here.

Improve your score after you started Kaggle competition

The primary thing you ought to do is to learn about the data. As we said before that you have to understand the issue, for the Titanic specifically as it occurred in the past and there’s no new data being produced around it. In this way, you can go to historical sources and begin to learn increasingly about the circumstance to develop your understanding. You can utilize that understanding to manage your experimentation like:

  • Making new features based on what you know about the data.
  • Try different types of pre-processing – If you attempted one technique for filling and missing values or imputing them and you may try a different strategy and check whether that changes your results.
  • Different types of machine learning models – You may try a random forest base model, try a regression model, try a support vector machine, or try a wide range of types of models and then gathering them as most of Kaggle competitions are won by a type of group model that has numerous different models combined together.
  • At that point, at last, this is likely really the best method to improve your score – learn from different people who are doing likewise competition. You’re all simply beginning and getting your direction so you can learn many things from them. Individuals will share bunches of accommodating codes, ask and answer inquiries in the forums, and you can help build your understanding as a component of the community. So, you can become a full-fledged Kagglers and move up your rankings.


These are the basic things that you need to know about Kaggle competitions. Do some of the experiments and research to take the score of your models to the top. The best way to get more score on Kaggle competition is to remember that you need to make your predictions exactly in different models and then collect them to make it.

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