Is Shared Hosting Good for eCommerce?


Well with every single day, there are more and more companies emerging in the market space for offering web hosting services. Having plenty of options in front of you, it is quite obvious that you will find yourself stuck.

It is hard to pick a company that can offer you hosting services, but eventually, you will understand how and when to choose web hosting services for growing your business to the next level. Ecommerce platforms are highly dependent on web hosting services.

But when it comes to choosing a hosting service, they are often confused about whether to go with shared hosting or dedicated hosting plans. So, let’s talk about which is the best eCommerce hosting, amongst the two, and how it can affect your growth eventually.

What is Shared Hosting?

It is the most economic web hosting solution that is preferred by websites. With each passing day, more websites are switching to shared hosting. But what makes it an economical solution is that?

A single server is used to host multiple websites, thus the cost of hosting is cheap and affordable. Each website is assigned a certain share of the server resources depending on the hosting plan chosen by you.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Unlike shared hosting, dedicated hosting is the one in which your site has the entire control over the server. The cost of hosting is higher in this case as all the resources of the server are given to you.

How is shared hosting better for small-scale or new eCommerce business platforms?

Some experts say that shared hosting is not preferred for eCommerce web hosting as it offers you limited access to resources. But few companies offer unlimited SSD storage.

When eCommerce platforms are to be considered, to set up an eCommerce store with minimum investment and maximum retention, shared hosting is an ideal solution that comes to mind.

It is because you will have limited traffic, and also you would not require all the resources on a large scale. Thus, the entire load of paying the server for hosting space can be shared by you and other customers as well, you are saving and earning profits at the same time.

How does shared hosting work?

When different customers use the same server, it is divided into partitions so that each one can separately manage their activities. Although, the total cost of the server and resources are shared by all.

How much will it cost for eCommerce to opt for shared hosting?

If you are new and are just beginning with shared hosting, you can go with a monthly package that will approximately cost you Rs. 70/month. This cost will vary depending on the nature of your business and your day-to-day requirements.

Some businesses require advanced features while some can operate soundly with minimal features as well. Also, the service provider you choose has a lot of impact on the cost of shared hosting.

Tip on how to choose a decent hosting provider

You must take time and research well for a list of web hosting providers. But you must certainly keep the following things in mind before choosing.

  1. Search engine optimization code and layout
  2. Easy to use and check out the feature
  3. Promotion and discount tools
  4. 24*7 technical support
  5. Experience and credibility

We hope that this information added value and you find the best eCommerce hosting for your business growth and profit.


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