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Is Grammarly Safe to Draft Content

Grammarly for Word is a proofreading tool that guarantees your articles, blog posts, eBooks, and each other kind of composing are free from spelling and language structure blunders making your contents professional and reasonable. Spelling and grammar errors recorded as a hard copy can be humiliating and a huge turnoff to your readers regardless of whether the message you are attempting to depict is basic. If you are a content author or professional blogger, you will understand the need to dependably convey articles that are completely edited without any errors. Grammarly Chrome is extraordinary programming that checks the grammar and spelling of clients and keeps them from making obvious mistakes.

Among the proofreading tools and grammar checkers accessible, we have Grammarly. It has turned out to be very prevalent, generally because of the adequacy of the tool in distinguishing spelling and grammar errors. Numerous authors do their work with Microsoft Word – apparently the most mainstream word processor accessible. Let us check the Grammarly review. Is it worth investing?

Some popular Grammar checking tools:

  • Grammarly
  • Ginger
  • Hemmingway App
  • White Smoke
  • Jetpack

But the most famous one is Grammarly and today we are going to discuss this tool briefly and provide an overall impartial Grammarly review.


As you may know, Grammarly is a Grammar Checking and Correction Tool. In any case, it is more than that. This tool additionally checks spelling, plagiarism.

This tool is the most mainstream Grammar checking tool. It has around 7 Million Daily Users as of September 2017, and the Grammarly Chrome expansion is downloaded 10 Million times. Let’s see some features.


  • Grammar and Spelling check
  • Punctuation Check
  • Vocabulary development
  • Writing style check
  • Plagiarism check
  • Check your writing across web
  • Available on multiple devices, i.e. PC, Mobile, Tablets, etc.
  • Explanation of Grammar Rules
  • Personal Editor
  • Provides Definitions and synonyms
  • Personal Dictionary
  • Provides Performance stats
  • Grammarly review

Here, we are providing an unbiased grammarly review based on the experiences of using grammarly premium. So let’s divide this review into pros and cons.

Note: If you do not remember your premium account login email: Search every email account you have used for the word “Grammarly” to find any emails we have sent you. If you still cannot find your Grammarly login details, then please submit a request with the additional information at grammarly support to help find your premium account.


#1. Real time Grammar checking: All things considered, that is the fundamental advantage of utilizing Grammarly. It gives continuous Grammar Checking, so it naturally recognizes diverse Grammar and Spelling botches while you are composing and it is really speedy.

#2. Accuracy: Grammarly is highly accurate, and dissimilar to different tools, it doesn’t commit a ton of errors. Sometimes it may neglect to understand your style and elevate to put a comma where you would prefer not to. However, aside from that it works extraordinary and is highly accurate.

#3. Compatibility: Another in addition to utilizing Grammarly free is that it is good with a large portion of the devices and sites. You can utilize it by downloading the desktop application accessible for the two Windows and Mac. Or on the other hand, you can download the Chrome extension. It is additionally accessible for mobile devices.

#4. Easy to use: It has a clean User Interface and is anything but difficult to utilize. And you can become accustomed to it rapidly. Not at all like some different applications like Photoshop, you do not need to be a master to utilize. You can become used to it in just a day or two.


#1: Not Compatible with Google Docs

So this is the one noteworthy con that is normal to both the free and the premium version. It is not compatible with Google Docs, so those of you who mostly use Google Docs this tool isn’t for you so you may need to search for alternatives. Be that as it may, in the event that you don’t use Google Docs, at that point it’s not even a con for you can purchase the premium version without hesitating.

#2: Limited Free Version

Indeed, that is the con for individuals searching for a free Grammar Checking Tool. Its free version is limited and doesn’t give every one of the features which the premium one does. Yet at the same time, it is superior to anything the free versions of different tools like Ginger. I have personally used Ginger’s free version, and I can let you know guys that Grammarly has a superior Free Version.

#3: Too Much Ads

This con is again limited to the free version. Grammarly cost aggressively displays ads. They need you to spend the cash and purchase the premium version. Be that as it may, too numerous ads and unnecessary emails may bother you.

Is it safe to use?

All things considered, this is a question most of the users ask. The base of their Algorithm is on user information through machine learning (AI). It checks Grammar in the cloud because its AI needs constant refreshing and consumes a great deal of processing power. The manner in which they use this information makes them the fastest developing Grammar Checking tool.

It is in the interest of Grammarly to secure your information, and they are attempting to do it too because the tool would not have any desire to lose their reputation and benefit. And yet, they don’t promise it.

How to Safely Use Grammarly?

  • So you can use Grammarly safely by following up on the accompanying security precautions:
  • Try not to use the tool for typing passwords or any personal information.
  • Try not to type in the content of interest to law enforcement

At last, Hope this article helps. If you liked the review, then you can purchase Grammarly from their site, or you can avail the 30 days preliminary before purchasing to test it yourself.

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