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How To Install Kodi on Android Tablet & Smartphone

Kodi is existing on the Google Play store, significance installation couldn’t be simpler. Here we are recounting About How to install Kodi on Android tablet or Smartphone. Kodi is open-source software calculated exclusively with home entertainment in mind. Thousands of television, film and live sport fans are rotating to Kodi for their streaming requirements.

Kodi is now available on Google handsets, so if you want to get all the benefits of Kodi on your Smartphone keep reading.

How to install Kodi on Android tablet & Smartphone

Kodi is now available on the Google Play store, so installing it is easy. Formerly, Android owners who required using Kodi would have to use a procedure called “sideloading”, but that is no longer compulsory. As a result, we’ve determined to show you the most foolproof, uncomplicated way of downloading Kodi.

Step 1: purely boot up your device or your computer, and head to the Google Play store.

Step 2: You can moreover use the Google Play store app on your Android device, or do the procedure via your desktop by using the subsequent link.

Step 3 : once the download is done, and Kodi is installed, you’re ready to go.

After launching Kodi, you’ll see that it uses an identical user interface and design to every other version of Kodi, so if you can use Kodi on other devices you’ll be right at home.

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