Extract text from an image using online image to text converter


The present era is dominated heavily by technological tools. If you search on the internet, you would find a relevant tool for each and every purpose. Apparently, copying text from a file does not seem a hard task. All you need to do is select the text from the source file and copy it. There is no need to write the text from the start. Why should you use Prepostseo image to text converters instead of copying the text after glancing at the image file? Before we get into the details, the most important reason is impeccable accuracy.

Here are some core factors which show why image to text converters are useful:

No need of human effort

There is a lot of effort needed to extract text from an image file without the use of a tool. Apparently this task seems easy but it is not by any means. Consider that you need to copy a complete table from a JPEG file. It would be a cumbersome process to re-create the table with all the rows, columns and fields. In addition to that, when you have to create a table again after looking at an image, you can make errors. With an image to text converter, all the effort which would be used to create the table again can be used for a more productive purpose.

Simple process with easy steps

Every tool is not easy to use. Some tools present on the internet have hard to understand interfaces. The features are complicated and users have to spend a lot of time on understanding them. Normally, users do not opt for such tools. In addition to that, a lot of users do not consider the option of using a digital tool because they do not want to go through the process. With an image to text converter, this problem does not exist. After completing two to three simple steps, the image would be converted to text form.

  • You need to start with image uploading. Once you have opened the link to the tool, browse and select the image which you wish to convert. After that, the tool would convert the image to text form. You would be able to extract text without typing anything. There is no point in typing so much information when better results can be obtained by using an image to text converter tool.

Used for several purposes

An image to text converter comes in handy for anyone who gathers information from multiple sources. We can take the example of students working on research papers. To write a research paper, students have to collect information from different sources and download several files. Now, when you talk about accessing different files, they would be in multiple formats. As a student, you would need to extract information from JPEG and .docx files at the same time.

  • In such cases, using an image to text converter is the best possible alternative. Unlike .DOCX files, it would not be that easy to copy text from a JPEG file because text cannot be selected in a direct manner. Using an image to text converter, you can convert the JPEG file to text format. After that, you can select the text conveniently. Students have to optimize the time available when they are working on research papers and other assignments. They have tight deadlines and meeting them is a challenge.
  • If you are rewriting the text in an image file, it obviously means spending a long slot of time unnecessarily. If you compare this option to the use of an image to text converter, you would figure out that using the tool is a lot simpler. You can save both time and effort if you are using a quality image to text converter.

Uses at the professional level

Image to text converters are used a lot at the professional level. Let us go through a proper example. Consider that you have to prepare a presentation on the company balance sheets. If some of the data is in image form, using an image to text converter would be the best alternative.

  • At the professional level, even a small mistake can turn into a huge blunder. For instance, if you are making a presentation, it would be expected that no errors are present. If you have to extract data from an image file, using an image to text converter would be the safest possible option. Using a technological tool is always better because all errors are eliminated. Other than that, an image to text converter is very quick. If you have a strict deadline for the presentation, using this tool would help you in meeting it.
  • Image to text converters are used by various corporate professionals including business managers and sales professionals. These tools have gained popularity due to accuracy. When you use an image to text converter, you would not have to recheck anything.


Using a dependable technological tool is always a better option that following an unnecessary lengthy process. Image to text converters put a lot of benefits on the table for the users. Getting accurate outputs is one of them. An image to text converter is a technological tool so it does not distort the actual formatting.

On the other hand, if you are not using the tool and rewriting the text manually, it would take a lot of additional effort to complete the task. Secondly, there is no reason to perform so much additional work when you can accomplish the same tasks using a proper image to text converter.

Image to text converters are used by several people according to the requirements they have. Students use these tools while completing assignments if they have to extract text from an image file. Assignments have strict submission dates and using this converter helps in saving time. If you have an image file and text has to be extracted, simply use this tool for more efficient results.


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