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Games like Huniepop

You can’t consider yourself a gamer if you haven’t attempted Huniepop by any stretch of the imagination. It is like a riddle and dating sim with gentle RPG kind of feel and a visual narrating kind of introduction. It beyond any doubt is different and typically Japanese. It took the web by its heart when it was launched in 2015.

While Huniepop was a major hit, comparable grown-up games neglected to give the experience that it gave. That being stated, there is plenty of comparable games to Huniepop that can doubtlessly be as good as this one. To make things simpler for you, we have made a list of such games like Huniepop that you can look at.

Best Games like Huniepop

Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger is a game like Huniepop perfect with Android and iOS. It was both created and distributed by Cheritz. This game is exceptionally female situated and is very prominent for that perspective. It was released in the year 2016.


The storyline of this game is prevalently sentimental and intriguing. The female hero or character that you pick downloads and application and winds up with 6 other individuals in a closed apartment. To find the maker of the application, your character needs to shape a sentimental connection between one of those other 6 individuals in your level.

Sengoku Rance

Sengoku Rance is a game which spins around the savage prince warrior Rance. It isn’t that prosaism and doesn’t contain pointless melodrama. It is fundamentally a grown-up game and a definitive point is, obviously, sex. Rance isn’t your run of the mill prince looking for retaliation or attempting to vanquish his foes.


Sengoku Rance has increasingly clever components which is one of the objectives of the engineers of this kind of game. Consequently, it isn’t just about grown-up stuff yet additionally has enough amusement. This game is so fundamentally the same as Huniepop and incites humor without depending a lot on R rated content.

Little Witch Romanesque

Little Witch Romanesque is progressively like a progression of little games contained into one than a visual novel genre type of game like Huniepop. It was released in 2005 and you may feel that it does not have a bit in the visual zone due to the advancements in anime which hasn’t been connected to this game since its old. The censored version with no grown-up contents is likewise accessible for this game.


In this game, you are the guide of two youthful witches whom you should prepare. When they are prepared and prepared, you can give them journeys and undertakings to finish. Additionally, the uncensored version has some adult scenes.


Roommates is another visual novel genre type of game like Huniepop. It was released in 2014. It is exceptionally cross-platform and is good with OS X, Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android. It was both created and distributed by Winter Wolves.


Roommates is a game where you can be the rebellious Max or the calm Anne, contingent upon your gender. You should impart your home to certain roommates in this game. The game starts with the hero’s first day in school. At that point, the game advances with the everyday happenings of their school life.

Kitty Power’s Matchmaker

Kitty Power’s Matchmaker is similarly as the name proposes a matchmaking game. It was released in 2014. It is likewise a sim visual novel genre game like Huniepop and was created by Magic Notion. It is accessible for OS X, Windows, and Android just as iOS.


Character customization is conceivable in this game. You are a matchmaker and you need to match individuals dependent on their inclinations, along these lines finding the ideal match, speculatively obviously. Same sexual orientation relational unions are likewise conceivable in this game. After you discover matches, you should set them up on dates; organize areas and questions and more by making smaller than expected games in it.

Shira Oka: Second Chances  

Shira Oka: Second Chances is another average visual novel genre game like HuniePop however it is all the more engaging with its old-school introduction and secondary school themed storyline. The characters are, for the most part, great secondary school understudies. There are likewise numerous small scale games inside this game to keep you engaged constantly.


In this game, you should play as a high-schooler. The game is very old, so you may feel somewhat awkward with the visuals initially. Likewise, there are plenty of options in this game. Thus, each time you play this, you can evaluate a different situation from those which you effectively played.

Kamidori Alchemy Meister

Kamidori Alchemy Meister is a very funny cliche kind of game like Huniepop enveloped by the dream. It is additionally a visual novel genre game with enough grown-up content. The hero of this game is a vagrant kid named Kamidori. The game is a progression of undertakings set out upon by this person.


Kamidori needs to be a chemist and is experiencing preparing for the equivalent. As the plot proceeds onward, he meets with 3 young ladies who are his guardians. The young lady he sentiments choose the further course of the game. It is a blend of narrating and fights.


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