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facebook testing, Facebook Slideshow, facebook slideshow feature

Facebook Testing ‘Slideshow’ Movie Maker Feature on Android

Facebook is testing its Slideshow movie maker characteristic, which lets you post a slideshow of various photos and videos with music, on the Android beta app.

The Slideshow feature was introduced on iOS in June this year, with a pre-made slide show that could be modified by adding or removing content, whilst also choosing themes on top.

 The pre-made slide show was produced out of at smallest amount five photos or videos taken in last 24 hours on its own. Now, Facebook is testing the Slideshow characteristic on its Android beta app where it will allow users to manufacture their own slideshow and post it.

Facebook introduced its Slideshow feature in its ‘Moments’ app but it forayed into the company’s iOS app in June this year.

However, there was a catch that the users could not find any option inside the app to determine and create the slide show, but only when they by coincidence happen upon an already posted Slideshow in their News Feed.

Then, they just had to tap on ‘Try it’ to create a Slideshow, modified with Facebook’s predefined music. The only other way was the method we mentioned earlier, which would let users’ customises a pre-made slide show.

facebook testing, Facebook Slideshow, facebook slideshow feature

                       Facebook Testing ‘Slideshow’ Movie Maker Feature on Android


With the appearance of the Slideshow feature on the Facebook beta app for Android, you can create your own Slideshow and don’t have to honestly scrolling through your News Feed to find another slideshow, or wait till Facebook generates one for you.

Inside the app, beating on the writing canvas at the top will open into a new window with multiple options like photos, videos, Go Live, Check in etc. There also sits the new Slideshow option, clicking on which will take you to Facebook’s Slideshow editor.

 To make a Slideshow, you need at least three photos that are in your phone and you can first choose one of the already given music themes.

 You can even give the Slideshow a title that will stay at the top. At this moment, you cannot choose a music tune of your choice. Moreover, you can tag people on the photos within the Slideshow.

After you are done selecting photos and music, clicking on Next at the top right corner creates the Slideshow where you can choose its direction and trim it according to the preferred time span.

If you want your Slideshow to go in HD, there’s fastening at the top of the Slideshow to rotate it on. This is a part of the Facebook’s newly-introduced HD video uploading characteristic.

This feature is still in testing and a broader roll out can be expected to happen soon enough. Recently, Facebook also brought a plethora of new features to its Android app on both beta and stable versions like a execution video widget, offline video downloading among others.

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