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Android Device, android device manager, How to use android device manager

How to use Android Device Manager

If you lose your Android Smartphone or tablet, you can use Android Device Manager to find a lose android Smartphone. Using this Android Device Manager we can easily to find our Smartphone. Android has a great native tool to help locate and remote wipe a lost or stolen phone is called the Android Device Manager.

Google have a provide a most powerful features on this software tools. If’s four functions to provide to protect our android phone. Like:  location tracking, Ring, Lock and Erase.

Each function is fairly self-explanatory and easy to use, but before you can test them, you’ll need to activate Android Device Manager on your phone or tablet.

So all you need is a Google account to set it up on your phone, and you can use any other online device to track it down or wipe it.

How to Find a lost Android phone using Android Device Manager

Before we can start, we have to download the Android Device Manager app on the Android Smartphones. After we should all set-ups to configure,

Android Device, android device manager, How to use android device manager

Download and Installing Android Device Manager app

 After you’ll need to go to your settings and allow it to act as a Device Administrator.

This way, it has permission to wipe or lock your phone.

You’ll usually find the Device administrator settings under security

Once that’s done, you can fire up the app and get it activated!

After that you may have noticed that there was an option for a “Guest” to log in to Android Device Manager when you first signed-in. That allows someone else to find, lock or wipe their device using the app on your phone. We’ll talk more about that below.

Find your Android phone:

Android Device Manager needs two things before it can locate a Smartphone. The device required to have remote location enabled, which you’ll find in Google Settings>Android Device Manager>Remotely Locate This Device (box ticked), and it needs to have location access on too track.

That’s in Google Settings>Location. If these settings aren’t enabled, then Device Manager won’t be able to locate your device.

If your phone is on, Android Device Manager can help you find it anywhere in the world. Also Android Device Manager works for tablets as well, but if you have multiple user accounts, only the tablet ”owner” can turn on the Android Device Manager features (or turn them off again).

You can access Android Device Manager in two ways: via the Android Device Manager app on another Android device, or via the Android Device Manager website.

If you can your missing device to get then, you’ll see the location on a map. If the device isn’t on or in an area where it can get a signal, Android Device Manager will report its location when it comes online.

Ringing Option:

How to use Android Device Manager

If you have the ringer turned down or off. Click the button, and give the OK in the pop-up, and your phone will ring at full volume for five minutes, or until you hit the power button and quiet it down. Perfect once you use the map to get close to your phone.

Lock option:

Android Device, android device manager, How to use android device manager

The Lock option will allow to set or change a PIN or password on your device, as well as display a message on the locked screen.

This is useful if you think someone else may come across your phone and you never set up a password.

Remote wipe your phone:

Using this wipe option we can easily erase our important data before some other to use.

If you choose the erase option, you can remotely wipe your phone or tablet. That’s the same as performing a full factory reset, so it’ll wipe all of your settings, your music, your photos and your apps.

As with locking, if the missing phone is off then selecting this option will remotely wipe it once it comes back online.

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