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How to use Cortana for Android Smartphone

Cortana for Android: Microsoft’s Cortana is now available for Android. Here’s full guide about how to use Cortana App for Android devices.

First, you need to know about What is Cortana?

Cortana is the voice assistant app which is developed by Microsoft Corp.  Cortana works like Siri assistant; it’s similar like Google Now and Siri. In other word, Cortana is a digital voice assistant app which can help you to live better life via voice command, quick options and get some information. Using the Cortana App for Android Smartphone, you can easily set alarm, organize your calendar, get latest popular news & updates, contact people and even joke around.

Now Microsoft decided to provide Cortana for Android device, if you really interested in Cortana App or you really like the Cortana Voice then you can replace it with Google Now.

In US, the Cortana App for android was firstly available and after some it rolls out all around the world. It’s good if you already used Cortana App on your Android phone. If don’t then you can try now Cortana for Android phones. Now Cortana App is very though to activate. Cortana Voice has the similar deep functioning that it does on Windows Phone. There is the some improvement in the Cortana for Android Phone.

Now, Cortana App for Android is available on Google Play Store

Cortana App: Home Section

In Cortana App the Home is a major section. The Home section is where you can either type your inquiry or start a voice action. At the bottom of the Page see the all commands. Simply type or use voice to perform any commands. Anyone can easily ask Cortana to search for content, set reminders/alarms, place phone calls, send messages, and show the weather and more. Just tap the text or microphone section jump into action.

 cortana, cortana android, Microsoft cortana, cortana for android cortana, cortana android, Microsoft cortana, cortana for android

Microsoft has decided to put its cards front and center. Same like Google Now, Cortana presents you with card-style blocks that offer a quick look at relevant information. This will include content like weather, local events, news, sports, travel info, finance updates, food within your vicinity and more.

Cortana App: Notebook

The Whole functionality about all services same as Google Now and Cortana is that they are personalized. This is a digital assistant, and same as a human assistant it has to know you very well.

 cortana, cortana android, Microsoft cortana, cortana for android cortana, cortana android, Microsoft cortana, cortana for android

So, What kind of cards would you like to see in Cortana?

Now you can customize your idea to help Cortana provide better information, Constant. How you can customize your experience with Cortana App for Android.

  • Simply tap the 3-line menu button on the top-left corner and tap on “Notebook”.
  • You will be existing with a pack of options to customize the experience
  • You can also change your name to a nickname in About me section.
  • You can also make a list of your favorite places from the same spot.
  • Now, move down the list and you will find a long list of cards to opt in and out of.

See the whole list and through the whole list customize your experience as much as possible. It will take a sometimes, but it will really help Cortana get things started.

Cortana App: Reminders

For some reason Microsoft decided to offer a whole section of the Cortana app to reminders. This section of Cortana for Android are so cool, but it couldn’t be inserted away as a secondary menu.

  cortana, cortana android, Microsoft cortana, cortana for android  cortana, cortana android, Microsoft cortana, cortana for android

Cortana App: Settings

Just like the Google Now, Cortana build the setting section. The settings will be mostly on the top part of the any Apps, So, in the Cortana for android setting, you can enable “Missed call notifications” to get the missing call information.

  cortana, cortana android, Microsoft cortana, cortana for android cortana, cortana android, Microsoft cortana, cortana for android

You can also create shortcut for Cortana App on Home Screen. If you want to active it then just taps a small window will hover over the UI and Cortana will start listening, allowing you to use voice actions in Cortana for Android.

Cortana App: Putting Cortana Front and center

Google Now is making right into your phone’s operating system, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be replaced in every important way. Even something as native as the search function that comes up when you drag your finger up from the home button can be modified to be powered by Cortana.

When Cortana is installed, Google Now will stop being the default service for action. Then simply perform the swipe up from your home button and you will be asked which service you would rather use –Google Now or Cortana. Select which you want to use and choose “Always”.

Helpful Commands in Cortana for Android

  • Call ____.
  • Call ____ on speakerphone.
  • Redial.
  • Press ____ (number).
  • Text ___: (say the message).
  • Send a message to ____: (say the message).
  • Show me messages from ____.
  • Create a meeting with ____ on ____ at ____.
  • Add ____ to my meeting with ____.
  • Cancel meeting with ____ tomorrow.
  • When is my next appointment?
  • Where is my next appointment?
  • What’s on my calendar for ____?
  • Take note: (say a list of things to do, factors, descriptions, etc.).
  • Navigate home.
  • How is traffic on my way home?
  • Navigate to ____.
  • Where am I?
  • Are there any ____ restaurants near me?
  • What is the status on flght ____?
  • Play ____ (artist, song, album, genre, playlist).
  • Pause the music.
  • Resume the music.
  • Play the next track.
  • How tall is Barack Obama?
  • Who is the president of the United States?
  • What is 5 x 341234?
  • Open camera.
  • Turn WiFi on/off.
  • Show me the top headlines.
  • Convert $100 USD to Mexican pesos.
  • Will you marry me?

So, this list of Cortana App for Android is normal for regular uses, there are lots of unlimited commands in the Cortana for android phone experience the digital voice assistant of Jen Tayler behind the Cortana voice.

Now, you can experience the new feature and commands in the latest new Cortana App for Android.


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