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How to Easily Root Asus Zenfone 2

Asus zenfone 2 is a new Smartphone that comes pre installed with Android Lollipop OS and which brings decent to high end performances on an affordable price tag.

However, if you bought this device, then you definitely would appreciate a little bit bought this device, then you definitely would appreciate a little bit more control over the Android system that runs by default on your phone.

 Steps For Rooting your Asus zenfone 2

Step 1

Download Fast-boot from here, unzip and install the package on your computer.

Step 2

Also from here download the pre rooted image for your Asus zenfone 2.

Step 3

Unzip the pre rooted package on desktop.

Step 4

Connect your Asus zenfone 2 with your computer by plugging in the USB cable.

Step 5

On your PC open a command prompt windows press and hold shift keyboard key and right click for selecting “open command prompt window here”.

Step 6

In the cmd window type “adb reboot boot-loader”.

Step 7

The boot-loader mode will then be displayed on your phone.

Step 8

Rename the system image that you have download to system.img. you can do that by right clicking on the system image and selecting Rename.

Step 9

Next, in the same cmd window enter the following command: “adb flash system system.img”.

Step 10

Wait while the root process is being completed

Step 11

When done, return to the cmd window and enter “fast-boot reboot”

Step 12

That’s it; wait while your Asus zenfone 2 reboots automatically

asus zenfone 2 root, asus zenfone 2 root file, root for asus zenfone 2, root asus zenfone 2 one click

How to Easily Root Asus Zenfone 2

The Asus zenfone 2 will soon be getting the Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 treatment but at the moment it is running Android 5.0.

Once you have upgraded to Android 6.0.1 marshmallow, you may want to head back here because we’ll be providing quick rooting via our one click Root software.

Once you have rooted your Asus zenfone 2 you will be able to perform a variety of new functions that you previously were not able to.

For example, you’ll be able to install root only apps from the Google Play Store that can provide you with cool new utilities.

You will be able to monitor your hardware usage better and even limit which apps are using your RAM and CPU.

With root access you can also install any bloatware apps and download custom ROM’s that can completely change up the appearance and functionality of your Android experience.

The Asus zenfone 2 launches in March 2015 and it mostly drowned in the hype of the other top Smartphone flagship releases at the time.

It’s a shame because the Asus zenfone 2 is a spectacular device with great specs and an affordable price point. The top end zenfone 2 is powered by a quad core 2.3GHZ processor, 4GB of RAM and the powerVRG6430 GPU. There is also a 5 megapixel camera on the front of the device for capturing selfies.   

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