6 smart settings to make your Android phone anticipate your needs

6 smart settings to make your Android phone anticipate your needs

There ‘s no denying that our smartphones have made our lives so much easier , putting our contacts and schedules , our driving direction , the whole internet , right at our fingertrips.There are a bunch of super smart settings in Google now that ‘ll make your Android device feel like its 10 steps ahead of you.Your Android phone can be proactively telling you how long it’ll take to get to work in the morning , and nudging you when your favorite team is about to take the field.

  • Turn on smart lock

One of the smartest recent Android Features Is aimed at one of the most vexing smartphone annoyances having to unloack your handset each time you use it . isn’t there an easier way to let your locked phone know that you ‘re ,well  ,you?

That’s the idea behind Smart Lock. Once activated (just tap Settings > Security > Smart Lock to get started), you can set Smart Lock to unlock your phone whenever you’re at home, when it scans your face with its camera, when it hears your voice, or whenever it’s near your Bluetooth watch or a Bluetooth car stereo. There’s even a setting that’ll keep your phone unlocked as long as you’re holding it or while it’s sitting in your pocket.



  • Tell Google Now where you live , work , and more

Google Assistant might be getting all the buzz right now, but the older Google Now is no slouch when it comes to doing your bidding and anticipating your needs. You can help Google Now do an even better job of serving up smart suggestions by giving it a few hints about your favorite places, websites, teams, TV shows, and more.

You’ll also see a series of categories that’ll let you give Google Now more clues about your tastes and preferences, ranging from your favorite websites and sports teams (perfect for getting alerts whenever your favorite team is about to play) to stock tickers, favorite streaming services, and more.




                 say ‘ok Google’ without unlocking your phone

Speaking of google Now , wouldn’t it be nice if the original Android assistant would snap to attention whenever you called its name ? well , there ‘s a clever Android setting that ‘ll let you ask Google Now a question whenever your phone is in earshot , no tapping required .   

Once your handset is trained and the Always On setting is enabled, you can say something like, “OK Google, how long will it take to get to get to the Empire State Building?” whenever you want, even if your phone is locked and sitting across the room. It’s a lot like using the new Google Home device, just without the Home.

Bonus tip: You can also enable the Trusted Voice setting to let Google Now unlock your phone when it hears your voice, meaning you’ll be able to set alarms, send email, and more without having to manually unlock your handset.


  • Let Google photos create albums and more

No Google Assistant on your phone ? No problem , particularly when it comes to photos .The Google Photos app comes with an intelligent assistance that will proactively take your latest snapshots and create new photos collages , albums , and and even videos , all without you having to lift a finger.

 The Google photos app will create collages , albums, and even videos based on your latest snapshots Tap the menu button in the top– left corner of the Google photos interface , tap setting  > Assistance cards , then toggle on the New creations settings .

Once that ‘s done Google photos will begin creating and suggesting new collages and albums based on your most recent pictures , and it ll even cut together new collages and albums based on your most recent pictures , and it ‘ll even cut together movies. Complete with background music – using your latest clips.


  • Set Android to preserve your battery life.

One of the smallest settings Google ever came up with for Android phones is Battery saver mode , which lets you put your handset in a low power state whenever your battery is running low.

Your Android phone is smart enough to put the breaks on background activity if your handset ‘s battery life is running low.



  • Silence your device automatically during meetings and other quiet times.

You probably know that you can set Android ‘s Do Not Disturb mode to muzzle your phone while you ‘re asleep , and you can always turn it on manually for some impromptupeace   and quiet.


Tap setting > sound > Do Not Disturb > Automatic Rules , then tap Add rule.To keep your phone quiet during meetings , tap Event Rule , then customize your settings.


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