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How to use Game Tools on the Samsung Galaxy S7

Using Game Tools you make gaming easier on your Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a great phone, and select for the best phone for gamers. So, how you can use Game Tools on the Samsung Galaxy S7. As well the Great hardware, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge rise above the rest because of some tools designed specifically for gamers that you can activate from your phone’s settings. In your Samsung Galaxy S7 phone’s settings you can activate the Game tools and Game Launcher. Samsung Galaxy S7 Game Launchers provides a lot of functionality during a game playing.

Here’s some explanation about what Game Tools and Game Launcher offer, and How to use and apply these services on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

What are Game Tools and Game Launcher on Samsung Galaxy S7?

When you are “turning on Game Tools it activates a handy floating button that provides easy access to a lot of really important settings” that are great to have on hand during a epic gaming.

It will also include quick access to disabling distracting notifications, locking out the recent and back keys, and a button for minimizing game.

You also get two tools such as Screenshots and Record for sharing what you’re playing. Screenshot lets you to quickly double click to take a screenshot of what you’re playing without resorting to awkwardly pressing the home and power button. And Record allows you screen record yourself playing on your phone, with option in settings to cover an image or video of yourself playing for recording let’s Play videos to share on YouTube, Twitch, or other social media.

Game Launcher allows you to launch all your games from one place. It’s also creates an icon for your home screen that, as the name involves. It allows you to pin the Game Tools icon without heading back to Settings, and also lets you launch a game muted if you’re in a quiet place, or fast turn on power saving modes. Finally, it allows you to keep a neat home screen even as still giving you quick access to all your favorite games. 

No Alerts During Game

This feature will mute all the notification and alerts on your phone and you will not be notified of messages, emails, and even phone calls. It’s like putting your phone in do-not-disturb mode and going all in for gaming. However choosing this mode might have its consequences so choose wisely.

Lock Recent and Back keys

It’s the best feature included in the Gaming Tool. Once active, it will disable the recent apps and back buttons so that you don’t accidently minimize the game while playing. The home key will still be accessible and as it’s a button, there is less chance of false touch.

Minimize Game

Want to catch up on something? Use the option to minimize the game and carry on with your work. The tool will keep a floating window on top and you can simply tap on it to continue from where you left. According to me, there are two advantages of minimizing the game this way.                                                                                                         

How to turn on Game Mode and Samsung Galaxy S7 Game Launcher

By default Game Mode and Game Launcher both are turned off in Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone. So To turn on them you’ll need to go into Settings.

  1. Go to Settings Menu from your home screen and or go to app drawer.
  2. Swipe up to scroll down.
  3. Tap Advanced Feature.

 In Advanced Feature tap on the Games

  1. In Games > Tap Game Mode or Game Launcher to learn more about their features and find the toggle switch for them on or off.
  2. In the Game Tools > Tap the switch to turn Game Mode on.

 For turn on Game Launcher you follow the same process, which offers three pages of information on the different features, see below Screenshots of Game Launcher’s Features.

How to use Game Tools in Samsung Galaxy S7

Well, so you’ve turned on Game Tools in your Samsung Galaxy S7 Settings Menu and you’re ready to play. When you load a game in using Samsung Galaxy S7 Game Launcher now, you have a floating red buttons beside the side of the screen. Is your game device menu, and you tap and hold to drag it to wherever is most suitable for you on the screen.

To bring up the Game Tools Menu you can tap it at any time. You can fast toggle some really helpful features from there like turning off alerts while you’re playing the game and disabling the recent and back buttons- a frequent frustration for some.

If you’re excited to using the Screen record option, first you’ll need to tap Settings. It consist of a lot of helpful features and settings that you’ll want to set up by time, including setting up an avatar or live video recorded from the front-facing camera while you play, together with options to record audio from the microphone so you can provide your live commentary as you play, or choose to only record the game audio.

At last, you’re able to set the resolution your video will be recorded at along with bitrates settings.

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