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How to record phone call on iPhone


There is a huge fan of iPhone in world must have a thought or question in mind that how to record phone call on iPhone. As iPhone is very popular to maintain the privacy of your call, but depending some end users market has developed iPhone recorder. Call recording on iPhone is basically done by many apps the conversation of iPhone is now able to store for future use or may for some different use.

We are on the time when our smart phone can read our heartbeats, call delivery of anything just in a while, so call recording is not big challenge now. IPhone recorder and automatic call recorder.

By using some 3rd party apps you can easily record the incoming and outgoing calls on iphones.You can download the best suitable app to ramp up the recording the feature.

Here are some best apps to record the call on iPhone.


Call Recorder Lite

Call Recorder Lite is a free-to-download app available at the App Store. It only supports a handful of countries like the United States of America, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom


After you have successfully installed the application, you will have to select a local number through which your calls would be connected and recorded. Be aware of the roaming charges if you select a number that is not local to you. With the free version, you get to record everything but you will not be able to access the audio recorder past 60 seconds.

So, you would have to upgrade it to the premium version at just 10 USD which removes the restriction and lets you easily share or export the full call recording.



Call Recorder – IntCall


Here we plot the 2nd option to activation on call record in iPhone. With this call recorder installed you get to only record the outgoing calls. However, it supports a whole lot of countries to record the outgoing calls.


IntCall requires you to have an active Internet connection which it utilizes to connect and record the calls. Similar to any other call recording apps out there, IntCall is free to install but you would need credits to make outgoing calls while recording them.



You can take a look at the price list after installing the app. For instance, it works with 0.10 USD/min if you make a call to someone in India. To give you a head start, the app offers 0.30 USD of free credit to see how it works. You can then buy more credits if it proves to good enough.




Call Recorder FREE:

Call Recorder FREE is an app that lets you record both the incoming and outgoing calls. When you’re on a call, you can tap the record button on the app and the app will dial its recording number, then you’ll have to merge the calls to start recording. For outgoing calls also, you’ll need to dial the recording number first and then dial the person you want to talk to and merge these calls for recording. You can also Download and share recordings via Email, iMessage, Twitter, Facebook, and Dropbox.

The Best Google Voice:


The big bang of google as usual Google Voice is quite trendy among iPhone users as it is free to use and easy to set up. If you can ignore its inability to record outgoing calls, this app can be useful for you.

For the activation we need to work ahead as follow.

We need to install Google voice apps.Then open the window, up account id.

Once your Google Voice number is set up, go to the Google Voice settings in your profile. From Settings, click on a tab of “Calls”. Now check “Call Options” box.

You are now allowed to activate the recording process; tap number 4 on the dial pad. Once you start recording your call, Google will send a message to recipient “This call is now being recorded”. The Same message is sent even if you have muted the call.

If you want to listen to your calls, go back to the app and open inbox and chose the recording. Google also provides copy out service with certain inaccuracies.

Record both Incoming & Outgoing calls: Using External voice Recorder


At the last you feel that no apps good for your recording purpose, don’t worry!


Buy Now:


External voice recorders could come handy. However, getting an external voice recorder to record calls on iPhone is an expensive take. Nevertheless, if you are ready to do that, you can get started by looking for a Bluetooth call recorder tailored for iPhone.


We could point you to one such product which costs 100 USD (appx). You can keep an eye out for similar devices to help you out for the cause.


At the conclusion we wish you to go ahead with the best solution for your iPhone call recording, and from the above article, I hope you got your reply on How to record phone call on iPhone. So all the best and choose the best app for the iPhone call recording. Enjoy the conversation iPhone anytime.

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