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How to Create the best Instagram Stories Ads for Skyrocketing your Traffic?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels out there. What started as a community for the people to share only pictures with their friends and connect with other people, has now turned into a full-fledged marketing platform where people have started all sorts of brands online. In other words, Instagram today is not a platform to connect with other people but also to market your brand out there, upfront.

Marketing on Instagram can feel like a dream come true with the amount of traffic and conversions a brand can get. But, in doing so, many fail as well. And one of the biggest reasons for this is that they are not persistent with posting regular content on their platform. Most brands make the mistake of posting one good video but then forgetting about it for the next few weeks. Similarly, they would get back to posting again and then continue this chain of posting and forgetting until they finally give up, because traffic and conversions stop flowing in.

If you have to ace Instagram marketing, make sure you post the right kind of content for your brand. Because the platform already has a plethora of users waiting to be fed content, make sure you appeal to the right audience with the best quality content. Because of the ease of access, the platform has got a lot of competition, which is why it might be difficult for your brand to organically reach your audience.

In other words, create the kind of content that your audience will love to watch. But, if you do it just organically it will not yield as many results as possible. Having said this, you must try Instagram stories and for your brand and maximize your reach to your audience. A good reason why they’ll work is that more than posts people are drawn towards watching Instagram stories. They have a plethora of interaction options such as rating something on the scale of heart, asking questions, sharing tags or creating contests etc. 

Put differently, utilizing Instagram stories can have a great impact on the traffic and conversions of your website. The only thing is creating valuable and consistent content. We all love engaging with Instagram stories, so why not create them for your brand and make it stand out or help it connect it with your customers more profoundly. But, doing all of this for a small business can seem like a daunting task considering the constraint of budget and resources. 

Since every single penny is of great importance for a small business, they like to spend it extra cautiously. Having said this, Creating videos using free intro maker and no watermark can help in tapping into the potential of Instagram Story ads along with minimizing the utilization of an organization’s resources.

With a free intro maker no watermark you can create magical Instagram story ads without investing a single penny from your pocket. Apart from this, you don’t even need any design skills to get started on the platform. Just hop on and let your creativity and strategy guide you taking advantage of the plethora of free features on the video editing platform.

Why Instagram Story Ads?

A lot of you might be running a plethora of ads for your businesses, mainly on Google and other sources. You might be also be getting some decent traffic from these sources, so why Instagram Stories then? The point is if you can get some value addition to your business in terms of its traffic, conversions and other factors, you must not neglect it. Because you’re not really investing any hardcore money into it. 

Instagram stories have four different objectives when it comes to their story ads. These are videos, conversions, traffic and mobile installs. So, no matter which of these or multiple goals you have for your business, Instagram is an additional platform that can help you get closer to your dream of perfect metrics. Using a free intro maker with no watermark, you can create wonderful stories and convert them into traffic and revenue for your brand.

Focus on the Customer’s Pain Points

When creating thought-provoking Instagram stories don’t forget to address the customer’s pain points. Make sure that your message is conveyed effectively in your video. Pain points have a way of directly connecting with hearts. Let’s say that there is a common problem that your customer is going through. Instead of just showcasing your brand and highlighting your product, create a story around how your product is addressing that pain point of the customer. Always try to connect at an emotional level.

Use the Best of Imagery

Imagery is one of the things that makes Instagram stories so appealing. Whether it is a picture that you want to add, or other elements of design, borders etc. make sure that you do it effectively. One of the easiest ways is to use a free intro maker no watermark and take advantage of the imagery options in it. No matter which niche or industry to belong to, you can find the right kind of imagery for all your needs. Just drag and drop your favorite ones and you’ll be done.

Use a CTA

Don’t forget the impact of a simple CTA. Make sure your content speaks aloud with an impactful CTA. The CTA is what makes your audience take action. So, no matter what kind of video you’re creating make sure that you add the right CTA in it.

End Videos with Solid Screens

Ending videos with solid screens is yet another way of catching your customer’s attention more clearly and conveying your message in a crisp manner. Using a free intro maker no watermark you can create sold screens of your desired colors towards the end of the video. 

Let your Instagram stories speak for themselves with amazing videos!

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