Minecraft change name, change minecraft username
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How to Change Minecraft Username

Minecraft is a standout amongst the most prominent video games in the gaming world with more than 91 million month to month active users around the world. While most platforms permit evolving usernames, Minecraft has a few confinements when you have to change Minecraft username. Most platforms in the advanced world, for example, social media systems or gaming sites enable users to change the username. While some permit a predetermined number of changes, a couple of others limit the username change just once. However, on Minecraft, the gamers are permitted different Minecraft change name.

The 30-day lock period for Minecraft usernames likewise suggests on new records. In this way, in the event that you are attempting to figure out how to change Minecraft username without 30 days holding up period, at that point, we are sorry to teach you that it is preposterous on Minecraft for what it’s worth against its gaming policy.

Steps to change Minecraft username

Here, your Minecraft username capitalization and spelling can be edited or changed and Minecraft usernames are likewise unique and you can pick a name that is as of now enlisted or utilized by some other player additionally changes their username and you wish to utilize their old name so you hold up until the name is made accessible by Mojang.

Step 1: First open Mojang official website on your browser.

Step 2: Further, tap on the “Account” button on the top of the Mojang home screen.

Minecraft change name, change minecraft username

Step 3: After then, you will be on the registration page. Considering that you are an existing user, so, we will simply ask you to click on the “login” button which is on the top.

Step 4: Fill in your E-mail and password on the login screen and then tap on the “login” button below the login form.

Step 5: After logging in, you will be redirected to My Games section, where you can see all your games on the Mojang.

Step 6: Now the My Games section will display your current username of all stored games. Then click on the “change” on the right side of the Minecraft username.

Minecraft change name, change minecraft username

Step 7: However, you will be redirected to “Rename Profile” area. So, here, you can set your desired username as per the availability.

Minecraft change name, change minecraft username

Step 8: Now once you enter your desired username, click on the “check availability” to verify that if the username is available. And then your desired username can be assigned to you only if it is available.

Minecraft change name, change minecraft username

Step 9: When you have focused down on the accessible username, also you should confirm the change with your account password. Fill the password box with your password and then click on the “Change Name” button below.

Minecraft change name, change minecraft username

Limitations While Changing Minecraft Username

All things considered, to change Minecraft username isn’t that difficult if you take a look at the tutorial. Nonetheless, there are not many limitations with regards to username change on Minecraft as pursues:

30-day lock-in period for Minecraft Change Username

Minecraft change name, change minecraft username

There’s a 30-day lock-in period for usernames. You can possibly change Minecraft username if you haven’t rolled out any improvements to the Minecraft username over the most recent 30 days. Likewise, you need to sit tight for 30-days after crisp signup or registration for Minecraft name change.

Username Availability

You will be assigned a new username dependent on its availability. In the event that the ideal username is as of now taken by another client, at that point, you have to discover another username for your profile.

7-day window to recover the old username

Indeed, if you choose to return to your old username and consider the ongoing Minecraft name change as a misstep, at that point, there’s a 7-days window to recover your old username. Inside 7 days, you can return the change and recover your old username.

In-game Minecraft username change doesn’t influence Minecraft site profile name.

Keep in mind that this tutorial for Minecraft name change just applies to the in-game Minecraft username. It doesn’t change your Minecraft site profile name.

We trust this will solve your inquiry on the most proficient method to change Minecraft username once and for all. Tell us in the comments below if you have any arrangement on the best way to change Minecraft name without 30 days limitation.

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