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How to Avoid Privacy Concerns While Using a VPN

As regular VPN users, we have probably all experienced some security and privacy concerns while making use of a VPN. Unfortunately, it is an all-too-often complaint – some VPNs cause privacy concerns.

There are a number of ways to get the most out of your VPN and ensure your privacy concerns are minimised, including:

Avoid using free VPNs

If you are not paying for your VPN service, how is the provider going to make their money? It’s simple – they make their money by placing tabs on you, tracking your every move and then selling the data logs to any advertiser who will pay the highest price to gain access to this valuable information.

Teach yourself how to use your VPN’s software

Teaching yourself how to use the VPN software of your service provider if you don’t already know how to, is another important step in combatting VPN privacy concerns. Be sure to learn how to connect to the right server, usually in the country you are trying to bypass geo-restrictions to access. If the server location is not so important to you and you would rather opt for speed, choose the fastest server or the server located closest to you (most VPN services providers will have these option to select when connecting to the VPN).

Protect your personal data while travelling

If you need to work while travelling or complete transactions on internet banking from any device, be sure that you are not logging into your bank or accessing your cloud document storage and downloading confidential documents while connected to public WiFi. Paying for a VPN service and connecting to the service before carrying out any of these tasks will ensure you do not have any security concerns.

Ensure that your VPN is set up correctly

When you confirm which VPN service provider you are going with and pay for the service, it’s of paramount importance to configure your VPN’s settings correctly to avoid experiencing any privacy lapses. If you are not sure, ask your service provider because any good provider will be happy to guide you through the correct set-up process for your requirements.

Always connect your VPN before accessing public WiFi

As we are probably all aware by now, public WiFi is not at all secure. In fact, it is extraordinarily unsecure. Be sure to always connect to your VPN first before attempting connection to a public WiFi hotspot so that you don’t have to worry about some VPNs causing privacy concerns.

Browse the internet in private mode

The majority of ISPs globally are monitoring our every move online and recording our website browsing history. Not only is this disturbing, it’s an invasion of our privacy! By using a VPN, this provider will encrypt all our traffic and use their private DNS servers and we no longer need to be concerned about our ISP snooping on us.

Even taking the above-mentioned precautions will still leave some opportunities open for unscrupulous VPN service providers. Unfortunately, the fact still remains that some VPNs cause privacy concerns and no matter how diligent we are, following steps such as those listed above, there will still be some VPNs that are just not at all safe to use. These VPNs have contributed to giving VPNs in general a poor name in many circles, but if you do your research, read reputable reviews and consider all pros and cons of every provider, you will be able to make an informed decision on which VPN to use and avoid any privacy concerns.

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