How SYPWAI solves problems and helps to develop innovation


Features of projects’ implementation on the SYPWAI platform

The SYPWAI startup is one of the most promising projects in the field of artificial intelligence. After receiving the grant, it began to develop very quickly, and soon millions of people around the world learned about the platform. The main goal of the company is to solve your problem with AI. Many large holdings and corporations regard SYPWAI as a promising project.

What SYPWAI does

Let us figure out why the company’s employees are not only highly competent experts and famous scientists but also ordinary citizens.

Taking into account the main task, the platform developers also pursue one important goal – to provide workplaces for people with the ability to earn money and increase their knowledge in the field of innovative technologies.

The developed neural network training algorithm has two directions: special and general. Adhering to the general algorithm, a person needs basic knowledge, it is enough just to be able to distinguish a hare from a heron in a picture. Such an algorithm looks like a game for children. People of completely different ages can participate in this process, social status and professional skills do not matter.

To take part in special training, you must be a specialist in some special field, for example, physics, engineering, mathematics, or medicine. Work is possible only if the expert has passed the IQ test and the professional aptitude task. Such checks, when solving the assigned tasks, exclude the possibility of making an error.

SYPWAI’s work is aimed at developing the company that asked for help. The platform was developed solely for the benefit of people. It can solve the problems of large corporations in the field of business processes optimization and allows people to earn money by performing various tasks.

Actions algorithm when receiving a request from a third-party company

The SYPWAI platform solves many issues daily related to the sales increases, service problems, customer loyalty increases, and working process optimization. Such a wide range of work is associated with a large number of platform employees from all over the world who are constantly engaged in marking up and maintaining the neural network.

After receiving a request from the company, the specified problem instantly spreads through the neural network, a corresponding task appears in the personal account of each user. To gain access, a SYPWAI user must pass an IQ test to confirm competence in this field. This increases the likelihood that all platform employees will solve the assigned tasks correctly.

After receiving the task and passing the test, the user starts looking for a solution. When the working time runs out, SYPWAI collects all the results and automatically selects the correct one based on all answers. Only those who were able to cope with the task receive payment. This allows experts to receive sufficient income in their field.

A platform developed to solve problems

The “Solve your problem with AI” slogan was chosen not in vain. The company works for the benefit of people, thereby increasing brand awareness around the world. The artificial intelligence integration into the working process significantly increases the potential of each company. At the same time, SYPWAI was not only involved in the technological process, the platform benefits ordinary people, allowing them to earn money by performing various tasks.


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