How Skin Betting Works in Video Games (CS:GO and Dota 2)


Skin betting is quite a hot discussion in the eSports betting sector. International regulators have tried to affect the situation by forcing Valve to fight against them. Nevertheless, skin betting is still available at It has become a crucial element of the whole Steam trading environment.

Skin betting is a highly profitable routine. Let’s see what it actually means and how can it bring you benefits!

What Stands behind Skin Betting?

Skin betting is a special type of eSports betting which refers to in-game skins. The most popular one is surely Valve’s Steam community that keeps the entire skin betting sector under control.

Before you jump into the world of CS:GO and Dota 2 skins, learn how to act in the right way. Here are some brief guidelines.


  • Check out your options. Never focus on smaller odds. Explore your options by checking the information on the internet before focusing on your decisions.
  • Track market changes. If you consider making a name in the skin betting sector, you should monitor price changes all the time. This is especially the case for low-quality skins that have turned into an abundant sight these days.


  • Don’t rely on suspicious skin betting sites. There are countless skin betting sites out there. Many of them are of doubtful quality. So don’t trust your money to scammers.
  • Don’t put your „Named“ skins at stake. Keep your favorite skins by your side, especially those you’ve already named.

What Are the Major Skin Betting eSports Titles?

Skin betting has now limited to titles that support in-game skins. The most profitable are CS:GO and Dota 2. So, let’s take a closer look at them:


CS:GO is a highly popular FPS game developed by Valve. It remains at the top of the eSports industry for quite a long period of time. Even though it has received automatic restrictions, regulatory complications, and other such things, CS:GO skin betting is still alive. In fact, it looks even stronger than ever.

Dota 2

Dota 2 skin betting has been developed by Dota 2 Lounge platform. What makes it so exciting is a strong community that involves millions of fans all over the world. Skin betting on Dota 2 goes along with CS:GO as far as popularity does.

Is Skin Betting Legal?

When it comes to skin betting, debates about its legality have never been fully closed. This type of betting routine seems to be in a grey zone with no specific regulations or legislator norms standing behind it. In some countries, skin betting is considered to be illegal. In other countries, it hasn’t been analyzed by gambling regulators yet.

Even if skin betting is unauthorized in your country, there might be no regulatory agencies that are maintaining the laws. You should check this nuance before getting upset. That’s just how it works all over the world.

Valve, as one of the major gaming developers, gets used to doing most of the work themselves. The developers have to take responsibility not only for the game itself but also for the gaming websites of questionable quality that are offering their product. While skim betting seems to be a serious issue, Valve has to fight against the related scams as well.

After all, skin betting is either illegal or in a gray zone. It is one of those gambling activities that hasn’t received official confirmation but has already public universal acclaim. If you are not underaged and you are already making a profit through hard work, feel free to bet a couple of skins the other day. They are just visual in-game products with a good betting potential. That’s it!


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