How Microsoft Word is very important in education

Microsoft Word is very important in education as it processes raw data into information that has meaning. It has created a new modernized method for both educators and learners. It also helps to transfer educational resources in school easily and faster. This application has reduced some of the problems that arise when working with paperwork.

Ms. Word as it is fondly called has taken teaching and learning to a new level entirely. The free Microsoft Word trial version allows anyone including students to try the software before buying. The online version can allow students to collaborate and work together on projects or documents. With Microsoft Education, teachers and students can also come together to collaborate and learn. Its main purpose is to keep meeting the demands of educators and learners alike. This post is going to go into detail on how this powerful application is very important to teachers.

Benefits of Microsoft Word in Teaching

Microsoft Word is a powerful tool in education which offers great benefits to all the people involved. It has an automatic spell checker which will correct any error made by students or teachers when creating documents. Learners will be able to realize to their spellings are correct in whatever content they are creating. Educators will no longer have to proof check spellings to be sure. They can only focus on the few undetected ones. It will reduce the problem of checking for spelling in several students’ work.

Another great benefit is the sense of security it provides. No one needs to worry about losing or destroying an assignment. Once it has been saved on the computer, it is certain that the possibility of misplacing it will be avoided. There is always a backup that can be printed in case it gets misplaced. Unlike when you write it in a notebook, it can either be misplaced or water might spill on it thereby damaging the book.  Projects done using this application and saved on the internet can be accessed anywhere. Kids can no longer use the “I didn’t bring it” excuse. All it needs is to log into a PC to gain access to it.

You no longer have to worry about straining your eye to grade those with poor handwriting. All you need is to tell them the appropriate font to use and it will also increase the chance of those with bad writings to get better scores. You can print and publish the project or documents without many efforts. Teachers can also distribute notes in printed form to them. These are some of the benefits of using Ms. Word in education and it is very important for educators to try to embrace it in order to make things easy for themselves.

Why Microsoft Word is very important for teachers

Microsoft Word is a very powerful tool for everyone. It is used in almost all industries, whether it is medical, banking, finance, education, and so many more. Let us take a look at some of its importance for teachers.

Visual Explanation

Representing things in diagrams or charts makes it easy for learners to understand and assimilate. These students will get it more than just explaining with text or talking. This application makes it possible, it can be used to define, teach and also explain complex things in a simpler way. Teachers can make use of tables, smart arts, diagrams, charts and other visual tools it provides. It will be much easier to understand when thousand pages can work can be represented using this for a better presentation to students. It is important for teachers to possess the skill to do this and it will improve the creativity in the minds of the kids.


Teachers can also check the readability of contents by using Microsoft Word. As an educator, you can examine the contents of your student’s essays or write-ups using this tool. You can also check the word count of your students write up, there is no reason to count it manually. This will improve students writing and editing skills.

Preparation for the Real World

Technology has taken over the world and there is no way one will be employed without having basic computer skills. One of such skill is having detailed knowledge about ms word. Every organization makes use of a word processor and it is very necessary to develop kids and prepare them for the real world away from school.

Skill Development

Microsoft word can give children so many skills that will be with them forever. Students can learn how to create logos, banners, shapes, arts, and so many others. The teacher must have knowledge about it to be able to pass it to the kids. Having these skills will give your students an edge above others. This will also improve their development and also improve their creativity. Another skill they will develop is writing and editing. Creating content and articles will be very easy for them. Some might even discover hidden talents they didn’t know they possess.

They will also improve in reading when they used this application. They can quickly use the highlight feature when reading a text. As a teacher, you can give them assignments to read stories and then give their own explanations.

Importing Images

Apart from the prebuilt shapes and diagrams in Microsoft Word, you can also import images and add to whatever it is you are creating for them. This will also give them detailed knowledge about whatever it is you are trying to pass to do. Children tend to understand contents that have pictures and this is why most of their textbooks have pictures in them.


This post has talked about some of the importance of Microsoft word in education. This tool is a very powerful one and has made an improvement in education. There is no doubt that it has benefited educators and students greatly and has made teaching and learning very easy.

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