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Hoodamath Games

HoodaMath is a fabulous collection of math games that give students the open door for math fact practice while having fun. Instead of simply playing the games to perceive how far they can get, understudies additionally get some built-in fact practice. For the most part, it is elusive a fun method to consider mathematics. In this way, Hooda Math games offer a variety of games which makes you anticipate learning the ins and outs of math. When you get to the landing page, you will see a variety of games recorded at the top.

Under this list, you will see “math games by grade”. Click on the necessary grade, and you will have a list of games custom fitted to that degree of mathematics. Also, you can likewise scan for games by subject. The subjects include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, integers and algebra.

What is Hoodamath?

Hooda Math is one of the best educational websites where students can learn mathematics more quickly with Hooda math escape games, math tests, math movies, and everything about the basic math with animation and games. For some people Mathematics is one of the boring subjects, but, today, kids have many options to learn math quickly and that too with fun. There are many websites that are motivating hard to make math easy for children to learn through sites like MathPapa and HoodaMath. Your kids can learn math without getting bored with these kinds of websites having animation, games, videos and animated tutorials.

About HoodaMath

HoodaMath was established by a middle school teacher in 2010 which has more than 100 math games. Hoodamath has been designed in such a way that you can learn math with its easiest method to understand mathematical rules and mathematical problems. Math games can be more fun while teaching and learning math and the kids won’t get irritated. Your kids can hate math, but they can’t hate games and animation. And, the Hooda Math movies will allow you to teach the basic rules and basic math in a humorous way. Hoodamath offers mathematics learning games, movies, tests from Kindergarten to High School. Regardless of how old you are, you can’t detest games and activity. Keeping this in mind HoodaMath is designed in such a way that Math will never again be exhausting subject for you.

Regardless of whether you are an educator or parent, Hoodamath is outstanding amongst other online sites to teach kids the math the way they want to learn. Indeed, even a few games on the websites are compelling that your children would consistently be playing them and by implication learning math with having a fabulous time.

How to use HoodaMath in your classroom?

Hoodamath is sorted out by category types: Mobile games, Shopkeeper games, Geometry games, Logic games, Number games, Physics Games, Growing games, Building games, and Escape games. The games can likewise be composed by grade level, subject, or category. There are more than 500 games in all, ensuring something for everybody in kindergarten through high school.

HoodaMath Features

  • The best website to learn math online: This is one of the best sites available on the internet to learn math by offering HoodaMath escape games, math tests, math movies, and many more tricks for almost every class.
  • Over 1000 math games: According to the site, it has more than 1000 math games to learn more quickly.
  • Math games by Grade: We have mentioned this above that HoodaMath is available for everyone from kindergarten to high school students.
  • Math movies: With HoodaMath movies, kids will love to learn algebra, trigonometry, and several other math topics.
  • Adobe Flash Math Games and Math games for all device: Earlier all the HoodaMath games were supporting Adobe Flash player. Yet with the ongoing updates, it has been refreshed to help games on all devices and platforms. If you still want to play games on Adobe Flash games, then you can discover older games which can still be played on Adobe.
  • Math tests: There are various Hooda math tests. Such as math timed tests, fraction timed tests, integers timed tests, and many more to know how much you’ve learned on HoodaMath.
  • Math tutorials: Here, Class-wise tutorials are given, so that students can understand more effectively.
  • Well-categorized: Every method on Hooda Math is well-categorized for each grade. And also, each topic including all the games, all the tests, tutorials, and movies. It becomes easy for you to choose from when to start the lessons.

HoodaMath Games

Hooda math Escape Games are testing and have different sorts of puzzles which includes arithmetic problems also. All Hooda Math escape game puzzles them and they make the learning procedure very adventurous. Hooda math Papa’s Games are so much fun that you won’t see that each game has an alternate style of estimation to learn math. Games are arranged as follows:

  • Geometry Games
  • Escape games
  • Grow Games
  • Shop Games
  • Logic Games
  • Physics Games
  • Word Games and All other games


Remember to have your understudies send you the progress report toward the end. This encourages you to monitor their progress without the requirement for worksheets.


HoodaMath is really one of the best websites in the market that offers all the features and fun for your kids to understand math problems more easily and quickly. So, if you really want to teach your kids math without getting bored and with enthusiasm and fun, then HoodaMath is the best. Hope you like the post.  

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