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HERE WeGo GPS Navigation App new Features Public Transit and Companion Mode for Samsung Gear S3

HERE WeGo app for Samsung Gear S3: HERE WeGo, the GPS navigation app for the Samsung Gear S3. HERE WeGo app has comes with it two new features such as public transit information and a companion mode for your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

End of the 2016, launched HERE WeGo app for the Samsung Gear S3. Using this App you with GPS navigation directly on your wrist without the need to reference your Smartphone. Now, with the latest update of HERE WeGo App introduced its new functionality for Samsung Gear S3 of Public transport information that also includes real-time transit updates for buses, trains, ferries and more. You can also getting same information that you will find on the Android and iOS version of the app.

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Gear S3 navigation app HERE WeGo, Public Transport Functionality: It’s about what bus you need to take, when and where you need to catch it, so HERE WeGo can navigate you to your bus stop; it’s also works for other forms of transport as well. This is the best time for your trip, when you plan, you will have access to timetables.

The update of Gear S3 navigation app HERE WeGo also gets with it companion mode for your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. Through the app installed on the Smartphone, you’ll be able to mirror the navigation offered on your Gear S3. The HERE WeGo App new features such as recent places, it’s also making searches even faster, and you can use the larger screen if you need to.

Even if the Display Size of the Samsung Gear S3 can appear small, it’s easy to use is really big. If you want to increase a Font sizes so for that changed the properties of the map so the font sizes become a little bit bigger, so you can see better, and it can easily display enough data to be understandable.

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