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gunblood cheats

Gunblood cheats

If you are searching for the latest version of all Gunblood cheats and codes, then this is the correct spot for you to pick. Gunblood Western Shootout game is a really amazing flash game in light of the fact that most young men constantly envisioned to turn into an excessively gifted gunslinger and partake in the deadly duels at Wild West. The mission of the player is fairly basic – you begin by remaining before your enemy, both of you have guns. When you move the mouse towards the chamber, the timer will show up on your screen. When you see the zero on the timer, you should make a decent shot to kill the enemy before he kills you.

What is Gunblood game all about?

Gunblood is a popular shooting game which was made in the style of western movies. However, the primary mission of the player is to kill your enemy before it slaughters you which are clarified in the introduction above. So, the person who has better reaction skills win. Although, there are 9 levels in this game, and it is winding up extremely difficult as you progress. That is the reason; the developers made cheat codes for you, so you can finish the entire game and pass all the levels.

gunblood cheats

The most fascinating thing about Gunblood game is that each time you win, you are given some bonus points, for instance, your reflexes become quicker, the speed of fire increases, etc. In any case, remember, that your enemies are likewise winding up more and quicker. Additionally, keep one thing in your mind that when you lose, you need to start the game from the beginning, yet for this situation, you can utilize Gunblood cheats and level codes.

Gunblood cheats and levels for the latest version

Now we are going to discuss the Gunblood cheat codes that would help you in making the game effectively. Although there are 13 levels of this game (9+4 Bonus), you would require cheat codes to sail through these levels. However, the developers know this and this is the reason made the choice of cheat codes accessible. So these codes would help you in winning and give you an edge over your rival. Now let us explain about cheat and level codes.

Level cheats

However, the developers have designed the cheat codes with the goal that they could be applicable for the entire game. So regardless of which level you are in, the cheat codes would be applicable. So as to tell you, here are the levels of the cheat codes would be applicable for:

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4
  • Level 5
  • Level 6
  • Level 7
  • Level 8
  • Level 9
  • Level 10
  • Bonus Level 1
  • Bonus Level 2
  • Bonus Level 3

So these are all the level of the game where the cheat codes would be applicable. Now there’s another feature that you could benefit using the cheat codes. That is, you could directly go to a level just by entering the cheat code for that level.

So here are all the cheats that you have to enter so as to enter the specific level.

  • To play on Gunblood level 1: Write Level1 on the cheat code section.
  • To play on Gunblood level 2: Write Level2 on the cheat code section.
  • To play on Gunblood level 3: Write Level3 on the cheat code section.
  • To play on Gunblood level 4: Write Level4 on the cheat code section.
  • To play on Gunblood level 5: Write Level5 on the cheat code section.
  • To play on Gunblood level 6: Write Level6 on the cheat code section.
  • To play on Gunblood level 7: Write Level7 on the cheat code section.
  • To play on Gunblood level 8: Write Level8 on the cheat code section.
  • To play on Gunblood level 9: Write Level9 on the cheat code section.
  • To play on Gunblood Bonus level 1: Write Bonus1 on the cheat code section.
  • To play on Gunblood Bonus level 2: Write Bonus2 on the cheat code section.
  • To play on Gunblood Bonus level 3: Write Bonus3 on the cheat code section.
  • To play on Gunblood Bonus level 4: Write Bonus4 on the cheat code section.
gunblood cheats

Gunblood cheats

There are 4 different types of gunblood cheats codes that serve with a different purpose, also to help you win the game with little or no efforts.

  • NOHIT: This cheat is named as the most important. However, the fundamental motive for this is that it prevents you from getting hit by the enemy.
  • MOREAMMO: The 6 bullets we are provided seems very low, so, sometimes we need more bullets to kill the enemy. So this cheat serves the purpose and provides with the infinite ammo which also could be used for achieving your goals in the game.
  • POINTER: This is the most helpful cheats where after using this cheat, also, you will be presented with a pointer that improves your aim. A red pointer line would make you feel like a sniper and shooting at your enemy’s head seems an easy job. Also, it helps you in aiming for bottles too with the best precision.
  • FASTFIRE: Fastfire is the most used one among all the 4 cheat codes. Entering Fastfire help you in firing fast at your enemy which is very helpful when you don’t have good quality mouse or touchpad of your laptop.

So, here, we have covered the main topics, the gunblood cheats, and levels. Hope this article helps you and if you have any query, please don’t hesitate to write in the comment section below.

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