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Google Tez is now Google Pay, check out its all new features

In this article we have discussed about naming and branding things isn’t about Google pay Google’s forte. A service is launched by Google, the next its renamed Tez to Google pay.

With an eye on the regularly developing Indian payments app, Google today, at its yearly occasion for India, re-launched its payments application, Google Tez as Google Pay. A re-marked version of its payments application, Google Pay will host another line of features such as pre-endorsed loans.

Google pay app download rolled into another service, which then rebranded again. The story For Android Pay and Google wallet, they were discovering into Google pay. Now, Google Tez is also joining them under the same umbrella.

Tez, the mobile payment service launched by Google in India, has not reached its one year anniversary. But at the time since its last arrival month of September, it has grown and is now used by over 22 million users and businesses monthly who have made over 750 million transactions.

Google Pay allows users to make point-of-sale purchases with their mobile devices using Google pay apk.

Google announced that it would acquire the intellectual application of the competitor and it integrates into Google pay. This effective merger resulted in the new service known as Google Pay and similar NFC mobile payment service.

While Android Pay is only available to android users, Google pay is available on ios and via Gmail as well. For those using Android, the two products together. Users can link their bank accounts or debit cards to Google Pay and to their Google Pay app download.

The rebrand to Google pay does not need to mean that it’s a first step toward unifying its payment services globally. It has learned a lot from Tez and plans to incorporate some of its features like easy access to contacts, one touch mobile recharging and rewards into Google pay for other countries.

Though, Indian users will get some of Google Pay’s features and should profit by access to more partners on the web and in stores with time.

You can use Google pay to send or request money from family and friends using a mobile phone. You can also pay your utility bills and recharge your prepaid phone using Google pay. Important part of Google Pay is you’ll need a Google account, an activate Indian (+91) phone number and an active Indian bank account to set up Google Pay.

How to Use Google Pay?

  • Download Google Pay on phone.
  • Enter your Phone number.
  • Sign in with your Google account.
  • Follow the instructions to given for secure your Google Pay app and add a bank account.
  • Also fix problems with verifying your phone number and bank.
  • Add Bank Account.
  • Send Money.
  • Get or Request Money.

Here we given some features about Google Pay you need to know. Read below features for better use of Google Pay.

Features of Google Pay:

  • Google has teamed up with many banks like HDFC Banks, ICICI Bank and kotak Mahindra Bank to provide Pre- approved loans.
  • To get a loan from Google pay, customers just need to accept the terms and the money will be deposited into their bank account.
  • Users can use Google Pay to transact securely.
  • Google plans to enable payments at retail locations like Big Bazaar and FBB.
  • Google Pay with the new strategy looks hanging to tap the small retailers of Indian Market.
  • Google Pay, witnesses 22 million active monthly active users.
  • Google Pay saw over 750 million transactions worth more than RS 2000,000 crore

In short, Google pay revealed that Google had been negotiating with PayPal for payments on mobile devices. Not only payments but also accused of storing “confidential information” in locations such as no PayPal e-mail account, and an account on the remote computing service.   

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