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Overwatch updates ,blizzard overwatch, overwatch blizzard

Overwatch update: Plan of blizzard overwatch

The developer team of overwatch has already plotted the updates plan for future, So as an overwatch updates. Overwatch Blizzard have said about the same. Every month end targeting the new features or updates will ring the user gate to grab things. The director and team said they are looking forward for the some core changes may to the down to the lines and would be in the predictable format.

Some more customization

The launch introduction for the overwatch server browser, people are expecting more on it, Kaplan pointed the saving settings are already in place and much more is under development. Introduction of new weapons, password integration and team changing (switching) are under pipelines.

Some more updates would be released on the MAP.

Event coming soon

Events- and many material related to the same and brawls are expected each year. Of course you can start to imagine the updates & invites new in this like Junkenstein’s Revenge.

Hotkeys for sound

Team is working hard to see the implementation of the hotkeys for sound and expecting the collaboration soon.

Some updates on the voice performance are also expected soon on board. The same manner the documentary is also planned but with not exact time frame.

Games should be more cinematic and cool looks the dynamic presentation with the ability to save the highlight, Team confirmed some of the updating will be done by coming summer.

New skins, new heros,new maps, new cosmetics, more animated shorts and other new features are already planned out by team and most likely will be released with some certain milestone time frames and in seasonal manners.

Long term updates

Reward competitive points

Overwatch updates ,blizzard overwatch, overwatch blizzard

Team specially Kaplan said extremely demanded and planned things on the updating of the weapon play points beyond the golden weapon. Over reward competitive points already schedule in the season 4.

Character back stories in game

Overwatch updates ,blizzard overwatch, overwatch blizzard

By mid-march they are trying to push the feature of back stories. They have other more stuff to do before this implementation like hero language options , Three round burst gun.


Overwatch PTR orisa skins

Overwatch updates ,blizzard overwatch, overwatch blizzard

The new Nintendo console made the big sale of 1.5 million and more units. 90% switch users have grab the same.

And speaking of Overwatch, a brand new hero is scheduled to launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC next week.

 The Orisa release date has been set for March 21, although PC players can check out the hero now via the Overwatch PTR.

Features not coming:


Currently there is no feature available to withdraw the team in between and director is also clear there should be no surrender options in game.

Daily quests

For either currency or loot boxes, Kaplan says the team “aren’t super keen” on doing these, at least as far as they’re implemented in Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone. They don’t want players creating poor team comps because they want to finish, for example, their offensive class daily when their team desperately needs a tank or support.

Fall damage

They tried this and it didn’t work across the board, then felt weird on specific characters.

Death medal

Kaplan plotted  Overwatch used to have a fewest deaths medal but it created toxic gameplay patterns to try to get golds – like not leaving the spawn room.

Easter or Valentines event in 2017

Kaplan announced this wasn’t happening although some Valentines voice lines have been datamined, suggesting a smaller-scale event.

The competition

Overwatch v Lawbreakers

The competition is good between this two play, but as per Bleszinski  points out the comparisons is unfair.

As for Overwatch, the PS4, Xbox One and PC shooter is being considered for Nintendo Switch, although a port would prove other side. Bleszinski was referring to the comparisons that had been made between Lawbreakers and Overwatch, which he understands is part and parcel of the industry.


Overwatch updates has many things to do more in coming time to enlarge the excitement of the players but may in the stipulated time frames, so be ready to joy next customised rides.

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