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‘Mass Effect Andromeda’: Inside Making of Year’s Biggest Sci-Fi Game

Ten year ago First Mass Effect Andromeda Video game was hailed as the game that “does for games what star Wars Did For Films”. This week BioWare released Mass Effect Andromeda, which centers on an interstellar quest for livable “golden” worlds beyond the Milky Way.

It was that rare best-seller event in gaming whose impact transcended the medium, a pop traditions incident in its own right: James Gunn, the director of the exotic planet-hopping Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy, has cited the series as among his “biggest inspirations”.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

The start of a new interval in the series, Mass Effect Mass Effect Andromeda begins at the pointy end of a one-way, 634-year journey to a new galaxy, transporting players 2.5 million light years away from Earth. Here are three things to know about the making of this space adventure.


 'Mass Effect Andromeda': Inside Making of Year's Biggest Sci-Fi Game

Mass Effect Andromeda takes its science seriously

BioWare initiated meetings with the European Space Agency and crew members of the Mars-500 mission and special care was taken to calculate a practical length of time for the journey to Mass Effect  Andromeda. “We can show you the math,” say studio director Yanick Roy.

Iceland, Hawaii and Utah helped encouraged the alien landscapes

Teams of artists were dispatched to Iceland, Hawaii and Moab and Goblin Valley in Utah to gather photogrammetric data on ghostly landscapes. “We don’t have the budget to travel to other planets,” says Roy.

A pair of years ago, the team was alarmed to discover one of their more distinctive rocks appear in someone else’s game, Star Wars Battlefront – whose artists, it turned out, had also been sent on a inspection mission in Iceland. “It was a very good rock,” says Brown.

NASA’s announcement about Trappist 1 possibly being home to a “second Earth” made an impact

“I was just like – what?!” says Mass Effect Andromeda creative director Mac Walters. “It kind of felt like, that can’t be real.

But there’s definitely a synergy with what we’re doing with the game in Mass Effect Andromeda and what’s incident in real life.

The fun thing with doing something fictional is getting to ask, ‘what else?’ and ‘what if?’ on top of what’s occurrence in the real world.

We’re exploring Andromeda in a time when people are once again looking at the stars. It doesn’t feel like since the ’60s have we had such a revival of stargazing and that wanderlust of what’s out there.

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