Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 Games new trailer, Now its prepares for final push

Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 Games new trailer, Now its prepares for final push

Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer: There’s less than two weeks left before Horizon Zero Dawn finally launches. Still, those who have not seen the “Horizon Zero Dawn” trailer must do so to have a feel of the game’s mysterious and fatal post-apocalyptic world. The first new trailer of Horizon Zero Dawn is titled “Earth is Ours No More” and it starts by showing a prosperous, human-populated world. Though, soon everything forces into darkness after an apocalyptic event and nature reclaims Earth. Aloy will be driven by her desire to discover what went wrong and what made the massive mysterious machines control Earth. It’s a cinematic trailer and does not show gameplay.

As per the Gamespot, Sony has published three new trailers for the highly anticipated action-RPG. “Horizon Zero Down” earlier than its release on March 1. The Horizon Zero Down completely for PlayStation 4. The Game has been developed by Guerrilla Games.

The second trailer, “Explore the Wild” is all about Zero Dawn’s varied and extensive post-apocalyptic world. There are waterside villages with people fishing, dark caverns to explore, and beautiful vistas,

The third new “Horizon Zero Dawn” trailer, titled “Overwhelming Odds,” is about some of the dangers that players will discover, including all manner of mechanized creatures. Recently Sony spoke about how the game has the potential to become a new franchise for the company. In addition, the company also revealed earlier that Aloy’s character has been greatly inspired by Ygritte, Jon Snow’s love interest in the smash-hit high-fantasy drama ”Game of Thrones.”

The product manager Jon Edwards of Sony UK told MCV, “The character of Aloy is spirited, adventurous, and driven to figure out the challenges that she comes across in this post-apocalyptic world occupied by machines. You really buy into her as a tribal hunter, and we think that the players will really enjoy playing as her.”

Horizon Zero Dawn is the first new IP from Guerrilla Games since it announced Killzone way back in 2003. At the Studio since 2011 the game has been in development and was initially supposed to release in 2016 but was then delayed to this year to give the development team more time to polish the game further.

Well, the game’s visuals were all very impressive while we only managed to play it on a standard PS4. From the environments and designs to the animations and visual effects, the game is definitely one of the best looking PlayStation games to date. So, PlayStation 4 has become more of an experience and that’s exactly the mountain “Horizon Zero Dawn” has to climb.

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