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GTA Online Game Players Have A New Conspiracy Theory That NPCs Are Out To Kill Them

GTA Games: Paranoia has taken a hold of some GTA online game Players in recent times, who are convinced that recent updates  for GTA online are forcing drivers to be more aggressive. It’s might be not true, but the idea has gotten GTA online players many sharing possible proof of that Conspiracy Theory.

All this last year, Rockstar bikers started after the release of the updated DLC. GTA online game Players enjoying the new mission and activities held in reserve capping footage where cars would run into the player in unexpected and annoying ways:

Since then, more GTA online has been updated with new content, and paranoia increased around AI aggressive driving. Over the Internet there are many threads where GTA online game players ask if becoming a more frustrating or dangerous AI is seen. Those threads a lot become populated with GIFs, Videos and Let’s Plays of Los Santos’ worst AI drivers.

The latest update of GTA games, Import/Export, which is completely themed about stealing and driving exotic cars, has helped balloon the conspiracy even further. See here are some of the GIFs people have shared recently.

Even as it’s possible that the AI hasn’t changed in any way, GTA online Game players are likely noticing these troubles because crashes cost the community in-game money. Increase too much damage and instead of making hundreds of thousands of dollars, you go with a few grand. Already given that cash is a problem in GTA online- In GTA online game everything is extremely expensive so GTA online game players aren’t happy about dealing with all the uncontrolled driving.

gta, gta online players , gta games, gta online, gta online gameWhen Playing GTA games Online then we’ve also noticed more cars turning into our car side or hitting the car for on the face of it no reason in the last few months. The major problem is that nobody can actually prove something has changed, or that the GTA game purposely targeting players more than it worn to. Patch notes make no mention of driving AI. Still, Rockstar hasn’t officially declared anything about NPC drivers in GTA Online, also, while when we want to know about this situation and haven’t heard back. So we spoke to GTA Online game players who regularly dig through the game’s code, in case they knew about anything that was going on under the cover.

All I TezFunz2, including the data miner, talked to said they couldn’t find any changes. The thing is, mining into GTA Online’s data is tricky. The most common way for GTA Online Game player to get a slip climax at GTA Online updates is by looking at “tunables”, which TezFunZ2 described to “server-side files used to offer discounts and enable some content.” Tunables are what control events and sales, but wouldn’t say much about NPC behaviour.

TezFunZ2 put forwarded that the offender in the recent bug fixes GTA online because these bug fixes not related parts of the game changes in a while. One thing well and suddenly something starts acting differently.

Another possible explanation is that AI is actually the cause of fear and accidents-but only when the player is already shooting stuff, or around erratically. NPCs always fear whatever they were doing to lose control and finally smashing generally at high speed in the player. However, that’s really no reason for this would appear to be accidents is unclear.

One of the most popular guesses suggests that Rockstar games made traffic more dangerous to encourage players to buy Shark Cards, which are digital items players can buy with real money to add in game GTA dollars. Money in GTA Online can be used to buy new homes and supercars with other things. If again, any time something remotely negative happens in GTA Online, Players always charge Rockstar games of Shark Card schemes- there’s no real proof to support this idea. Players should also be sillier theories about this AI event: maybe all the players has been stealing and selling drugs drivers who are all out of your minds filled with high became a city? Who knows?

Rockstar, without official word from GTA games what is really going on, it’s hard to say. Maybe all this is in everyone’s head. (Likely status.) Maybe AI is really killing us all out. Whatever is happening, in the dangerous AI drivers in the GTA franchise have become a myth of their own in GTA, similar to Bigfoot  or The Rat Man.  All we can do is enjoy more cases of awful GTA AI driving:

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