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gravity rush remastered review or Gravity Rush 2 is 2017’s first excellent game

Gravity Rush 2 is a game about throwing yourself off of structure for a good cause. It’s not the first of its kind, of course. The original Gravity Rush was director Keiichiro Toyama’s action adventure breakout from horror games such as silent Hill and siren, and one of the better games on the PlayStation Vita. Gravity Rush 2 moves the Playstation 4 remaster of Gravity Rush. Gravity Rush 2 builds a world around the ways Kat can bend and break that basic law of nature. Gravity Rush 2 begins with Kat swept away from the setting of the first game.

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The lower levels of the strange planet that Kat inhabits, where people in deep diving armor mine for one and shadowy monsters called Nevi float and slither through the landscape, have the fantastic, semi psychedelic alien beauty of 1970s sci-fi art.

Despite uninspired side quests and an all too familiar villain turned friend turned villain again. Gravity Rush 2 succeeds as a simple, but important story told in an imaginative way that finally takes advantage of the modern means of creating a visually interesting game.

The combat in Gravity Rush 2 is forceful and vertigo including. Kat’s moveset is simple, in the air or on the ground, she can Kick, use her gravity powers to toss debris, or use the occasional high powered special attack.

Kat ‘s primary enemies, mysterious called Nevi, have the same attractive and alienating visual as the landscapes they inhabit.

gravity rush, gravity rush ps4, gravity rush 2 , rush 2 , gravity rush review , gravity rush 2 ps4, gravity review , gravity ps4 , gravity rush ps4 review, gravity run, gravity rush 2 review

                             Gravity Rush 2 Review

Combat is quick when you’ve found a rhythm and the camera is working with you, bouncing between land and air to kick Nevi in their weird non-faces is exciting violent ballet done out in three dimensions.

As the game progresses, Kat gains the ability to change to different styles of gravity Lunar, which makes her light, fast and agile, and Jupiter which makes her heavy and powerful.

For the combat to work the camera needed to be top notch and unfortunately, it frequently just isn’t. The game supports camera control via the motion sensors in the DualShock controller, which sometimes felt natural and helpful, but just as often felt like it was working against me, especially during combat.

Frustration I found during some heavily combat driven main storyline quest was offset by how much I enjoyed the many, many side quests that the people of jirga para Lhao and Hekseville have to offer.

I lost hours to these, wrapped up in helping people and learning more about the world in the process. The sidequests of Gravity Rush 2 use Kat’s gravity irregular powers in fun and creative ways.

Kat’s story starts small, just the interpersonal conflicts between her and the people of the mining fleet that she’s made a new home with.

Each section of gravity Rush 2 feels separate but still connected, like different storylines in an ongoing comic book series – an international move, as the story is told through cutscenes made up comic book panels.

The depth of Gravity Rush 2’s story kept me going, but my lack of knowledge of first game did hinder me going, but my lack of Knowledge of first game did hinder me in the second half of the game.

The latter parts of the game bring in a number of pre existing characters- about all of them female, which excited me, even if I didn’t already know who they were.

Gravity Rush 2 is a marked improvement on the original in terms of story, graphics, gameplay and characters. It’s not without its plot stumbles and boring ancillary mission, that hardly detracts from everything Gravity Rush 2 does well.

Quoth the Raven Nevermore

Without making the connection too explicit, many sequels, perhaps out of lack of new ideas, have their characters face the same literal and emotional obstacles as they did in the original.

In gravity rush 2, this takes the form of Raven, who has once again, after being a villain-turned – friend in the original game, has now turned villain again.

Gravity Rush 2 takes the strange, quirky style and gameplay of the original and lets it loose on a larger canvas, dishing up its gravity twisting action with real imagination and verve.

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