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Gambling Games on PC

You do not have to visit an online casino to play casino games. You can do this using your computer and also in the comfort of your home. There are many gambling games you can play on your computer, and each one offers a different kind of entertainment. The first advantage of these games is the advanced graphics compared to online casino games. Moreover, you can “pause” at any time. The disadvantage is that you do not have a chance to make real money. These are just “games,” and you cannot make any real profits from them. However, you can still play them on your computer for both enjoyable time and practice.

Hoyle Series: One of the first gambling games that come to mind is the Hoyle Series. There is not a single game in this series; since 1996, a new title has been released each year and each one had a different name. Hoyle Casino and Hoyle Card Games are the most popular titles in the series. Encore, Inc. is the current distributor of the series after Sierra went bankrupt. Almost all casino games can be found in Hoyle Casino. You navigate in a virtual 3D casino by controlling an avatar you create and play with an endless budget. The greatest feature of the series is ease of play: Both the rules and the strategies you can apply are constantly displayed on your screen. Even if you prefer, the game can make the most appropriate move for you. Hoyle is a multi-platform series, so it can be played on consoles too, not just on computers. For a fun and semi-professional gambling experience, we definitely recommend you try.

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The Four Kings Casino and Slots: Have you played any MMOs before? The Four Kings offer you this chance in a virtual casino. As the name implies, the game has multiplayer support, and the servers are open 24/7. You need an internet connection to play. You can connect to these servers anytime you want and start wandering in a virtual gambling house with your avatar. Every game that is supposed to be in a casino can be found here. Other avatars you see on your screen are also real people. If you want, you can chat with them, even form teams. Every game you play gives you a point and it is possible to develop your character with these points. You can buy new clothes for your avatar, and even get new emotes. Playing is totally free, but players who pay a monthly fee advance their avatars quicker than others. The game is developed by Digital Leisure, and it can also be accessed via Steam.

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Casino Inc.: If you like tycoon games, you should definitely try Casino Inc. This is a simulation that allows you to manage a casino, not just play. The scene takes place during the 1970s and offers you the chance to build a gambling house from scratch, place the games you want into, and organize promotional campaigns to attract customers. There are also playable gambling games in it, but the main aim of this title is casino management. Casino Inc., released by Hothouse Creations in 2003, has loyal followers for a long time. Although the graphics are a bit simple, they give you a different perspective on gambling games and offer a unique experience

Poker Night Series: There are two productions in this series and both are published by Telltale, the famous developer of adventure games. Both of them are Hold’em poker simulations. But they offer a very different and fun gaming experience. The reason for this is that the other players on the table are extremely “famous” characters. Claptrap, Ash Williams, GlaDOS, Sam & Max and much more: These characters you know from movies, TV series, and other games are included in the game with special voice-overs. Their reactions and behaviors fit perfectly to their characters. Poker Night also has a point-based leveling system. As you move to new levels, you also win visual prizes such as card designs and table colors. If you want an enjoyable poker night all by yourself, Telltale offers a great choice.

Caesars Palace 2000 Millennium Gold Edition: It’s hard to find it digitally, but you can still get it from online retailers like Amazon. This game, originally developed by Caesars Palace, is quite special because it takes place in the same casino. So if you cannot visit Caesars Palace in real life, you get this chance virtually. The variety of titles, unfortunately, is quite small, there are only 6 table games, 4 slot machines, and 3 card games. Although it is not much appreciated by critics, it is perhaps the only example of a gambling game developed by a casino itself and deserves to be played in this regard.

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