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For Honor Guide: How to Parry

For Honor: On February 9, The upcoming For Honor beta was scheduled to begin. The For honor beta coming into four modes: Elimination, Dominion, Brawl, and Duel. There are nine heroes in the For Honor beta. The full For Honor Game contains 12 heroes and five modes, so beta players are getting to try a good chunk of the complete game’s content. The For Honor beta is being held on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Now, the For Honor game is available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

So now you can PRE-ORDER For Honor from here.

For Honor Guide: How to Parry

For Honor is all about primitive action of a fight. Even as you’ll be running around on a massive on a huge battlefield, the game truly buzzes when you square up against a single opponent, with each of you anxiously trying to eliminate the other. If you want to be winner in killing every knight, Viking, and samurai that dares to challenge you, then you’ll need to aware of the deeper fighting mechanics of For Honor. With that in mind we have a very important maneuver wanted to single out, so Here’s we explain how to parry in For Honor.

First you’ll need to understand about What is Parry?

Parrying is pretty much just an extension of blocking. Still, if you don’t have blocking down, you won’t even be close to figuring out how to parry in For Honor. So, ensure you’ve run through the tutorials and know how the fighting system works in For Honor, and how you can block incoming attacks.

Once you Figured out, knowing how to parry is just one step ahead. The same as you watch your opponent, trying to find out which way they will attack, just ensure you are blocking in the correct direction. When they actually go in for the attack, the way you parry it is to use a strong attack so that it blocks their hit, sending them reacting.

This isn’t just a matter of spamming the button, nothing in For Honor ever is. in its place, it’s about getting that perfect timing down. You need your strike to hit theirs, not move backward and forward before or after it. Also the best way to do this is to watch the indicator around their character that shows which way they will be attacking you. It will turn red when they start the attack, until wait you see it flash and grow larger before you click the trigger to begin your parry.

When time is perfect, then you’ll send them reacting backward, open for a quick strike, or even a guard break. Find out how best you can damage them in their moment of weakness and quickly, for that you’ll only have a less time.

This is it for how to parry in For Honor. With a bit of luck this helps you in your upcoming fights.

See below video for How to Parry in For Honor:

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