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Best Android Games Offline 2017

Looking for free Android games? Don’t want to spend more money buying full versions of the best Android apks? We can help you! Here you can find thousands of new Android games. Apk files are very easy to install, just a few seconds and you will enjoy the Android games. If you are searching for best Android games, it will be more suitable to sort files by OS version. Here we are listed The Best Android Games offline 2017.

Best android games offline 2017

Sticker (Kids game)

android games offline, android games






Sticker Puzzle: This game contains the sea, sky, cards, Farmer, Vehicles types of objects.

Sticker Puzzle –Free playgroup & nursery school game for kids and parents is an educational app for toddlers, nursery, and playgroup kids. It is an Amazing Android Game.

We designed this app for generally for 2-5 years of children. There are fun stickers to stick to the screen. The best thing is this cool Puzzle game is Free to install with NO ADS whatsoever!

If you are looking for learning games for your children, you need to download Sticker Puzzle for free. It is the Best way to learn something new. Our app will help your kids to recognized object around them whether they are sea, sky, cards, Farmer, Vehicles.

Why you need to know Install Sticker Puzzle?

Easy Gameplay.

Cute but realistic stickers to place and will enable your kids to place the correct stickers on to the pictures.

A simple Drag and Drop Gameplay designed particularly for toddler’s fingers and hands. It is playable by young kids and will help them develop their fine motor skills.

Five objects are available: sea, sky, cards, Farmer, Vehicles. Kids are enjoying the game to play.

Kids are love to Playing the Sticker Puzzle game by sticking stickers to the pictures. Join them to guide them and have fun together with them. You can have fun together.

While spending your quality time with your children. It will be a fun bonding time for parents and their kids. You can even use the puzzle app to teach them about their environment.

Our puzzle game is the ultimate learning games for young children; it will help them practice fine motoric skill by dragging stickers add place to the correct place and learn about objects.

They might make some mistakes in the beginning, but do not worry about it, you can point them out to your kids. They will spend a lot of times out which are the correct stickers in the game.

Scramble: Tile Puzzle Game

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Scramble” is a free Tile Puzzle Game which make your kids and you a pleasant and stimulation while playing. Game contains different type of level Exercise for mental excise as per age wise. It is an Amazing Android Game.


– Free puzzle game.

– Three of different difficulty levels.

– Easy to move the tiles parts in all directions.

– A lot of beautiful, high-quality images.

– Flexible and easy interface to use.

– Suitable for the whole family.

Ostrich Runner

android games offline, android games







Ostrich Runner is a very good running game, with Attractive graphics. Ostrich is main game object user need to protect ostrich to collide with abstracts.  It is an Amazing Android Game.

Game level completed on time bases. If user want to increase time so they need to collect egg to increase life time and achieve score!

Intrusive game rules:

* Tap “Jump” button to jump.

* Double Tap “Jump” for sequential jump

Highlighted features:

* Jump Ostrich when Obstacles come on the way

* Collect Egg to increase life time.

And many more features are waiting for you to explore in the game!


Food Clutch: Food catcher Game

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Food Clutch is very interesting and easy game to play. Start now with the Food Catcher game. The aim of Food Catcher is to only pick good food not stinky food, catch more as more good food to increase your score. It is an Amazing Android Game.

The Food continuously falls down from the top and player has to catch in the cart. Keep Remember Do Not Catch Stinky food Otherwise game will be over.

Just drag the basket towards the Food position on finger touch.


Match Up (With Your Memory)

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It is an Amazing Android Game. Match the same pair of picture and improve your memory with this game. Learn to memorise for your kids.

Game features:

– Match the same pairs of picture in minimum time and save life.

– Attractive Picture objects to be easily remembered and create more fun.

It’s a cool game and it’s just what you needed.

This matching game is a brain trainer, which can be played any of your spare time.

Memory game is for children of all ages, babies, preschoolers, school children, teens and for adults.

It develops memory, recognition and concentration of children

Memory game will quickly train your kid’s memory.

A free memory game for kids and adults. Card matching memory game.

Regular mental and concentration exercise can greatly improve your photographic short term memory.


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