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Do online casinos have any way to tell if you’re cheating

That is the first thing that needs to be pointed out, before anything else – simply do not even think about cheating online and here we reveal why.

Land based casinos have been around for a long time, and they went through a lot of scam and cheating attempts by their customers. Some were successful, but it is a regulated system that clearly shows whenever something is wrong. CCTV cameras along with security and other stuff are all around the casino making sure no suspicious behavior occurs anywhere in the casino.

But what about online casinos? Well, you can look at it the same way. Each user has to register and provide some personal information before being able to invest real money into a casino, as depositing is the only way you can cash out later.

The whole online gambling industry started with the internet hype, and has been around for over two decades now. Over that period of time, systems, software and the whole process of gambling online have changed drastically, and are being regularly updated.

First of all, it is important to note that hacking and cheating are two different things. Cheating can be compared to counting cards in blackjack. Of course, in online and even live online casinos it is almost impossible to do it. Cards are virtual online and are shuffled regularly to prevent any types of manipulation.

On the other hand, hacking means getting into the software and encryption that the casinos relies on and manipulating it.

One famous example of “cheating” online casinos is abusing the bonus and promotion offers, by fulfilling the withdraw conditions in a way that is allowed by casino, but definitely presents a loophole in the system. All slots casino bonus codes nowadays are still very generous, but the requirements are changed, so abusing them and claiming the profits without any risk of losing before that is impossible.

How Do Casinos Prevent Cheating

In order to prevent hacking, SSL  encryption is a casino’s best friend. Even though bugs like Heartbleed exist, the developers are working on fixing any possible holes in the security systems.

They are secured by external companies that provide security software. Some of them are not even known to us, as the software is kept away from public, in order to prevent hackers get the code, which would allow them to manipulate the whole system.

Even though the registration process might be simple in some online casinos, a lot of them require additional personal information. If a casino suspects of any suspicious behavior, or breaking the rules, they can freeze the funds while they investigate, and coming to a conclusion that a user has done something against casino’s rules might result in taking the funds out of the account and banning it permanently.

There are cases of casinos suing both groups and individual hackers who got revealed. It is a serious matter, as someone’s company and a business might get destroyed. Just imagine robbing a land casino and trying to get away with it, it’s almost impossible and you will eventually be caught.

Casinos have their software calculating all the funds circulating, and based on the RTP and all other factors, if anything does not match the calculations, they know that there is a problem. They first investigate to make sure that the error is not server-sided, and if it isn’t then the system goes through all the events to figure out why there is a miscalculation.

With artificial intelligence and new online robots being built lately using the AI, it’s even possible for some of them to recognize Collusion (two or more poker players at the same table, communicating with each other privately, increasing their chances of winning). If that is something they can track, than any other method of cheating/hacking is non-existent.

Data mining was a very popular way for hackers to cause problems, but with today’s technology and already mentioned AI robots, and up-to-date encryptions, it is impossible. Even though people might still use poker robots, they are both inefficient and counterproductive.

Stay Safe

So the answer to the frequently requested question in the community – “Can online casinos catch cheaters”? is definitely yes. The anti-hacking and anti-cheating technology improved extremely over the past few years, which allowed gamblers and casinos all around the world to feel much more safe and secure online.

However, if you are afraid of getting hacked by other users in the community, there are a few ways you can make sure that never happens to you:

  • Be aware of any links you click, there are websites that check the links and analyze them for you, without you clicking it at all
  • Keep all your passwords safe, either encrypted on written on a paper
  • Be careful with credit and debit cards

With all that being said, just gamble online for fun, and double check everything in order to stay safe, and do not even think about hacking or cheating an online casino, as it can get you in a lot of trouble.

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