VR attractions around the world

VR attractions around the world

One of the latest trends in technology has been virtual reality which provides consumers with a whole different type of experience. With demand for this technology on the rise, there has been an increase of attractions around the world using VR. While VR headsets have been popular with many individuals experiencing the technology, these attractions allow groups of people to experience the technology together.


Touted as the world’s first VR theme park, SoReal, is located in Beijing, China. The large park spreads out over 32,000 square feet just a few blocks from Tiananmen Square. Initially, the park offers 8 different attractions for visitors. Unlike other VR technology, designers of the park wanted to provide a multiplayer experience with as many as 25 people at once. Given the success of SoReal, talks are in the works to open more parks in China.

MGM Grand

With VR gaming popular, the MGM Grand has constructed a VR gaming arena that spans 2000 square feet. Up to 8 players at one time can play the newest VR game called Zombie Survival. Players must combat waves of zombies as they wait to be extracted from the Apocalypse. Gaming sessions last for half an hour and reservations are already being taken.

Disneyland & Disney World

Beginning in December, the Disney parks will open their first VR attraction at Florida’s Disney World. “Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire” is also slated to open at the sister park in California, Disneyland, but not until January 2018. This attraction will permit guests to explore the Star Wars world with not only their friends and family but some Star Wars characters as well.

Consider visiting one of these attractions to experience a new frontier in amusement. While enjoying the attractions, learn the implications VR holds for the future of entertainment.

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