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The Hellscape of Waiting 5 Hours in Line for Spectacles

 New Spectacles- Sunglasses with a camera attached that work with Snapchat.

Back in September, Social network snapchat changed its name to snap Inc. and officially started to rebrand itself as a camera company.

One landed one in Venice Beach last month and others have appeared in a handful of different locations. Consumers are allowed to buy two pairs of Spectacles each, which sell for $130 and come in three colours.

1)  Black

2) Pink

3) Aqua

Because there are so few Snapbots and they’re only open for a day at a time, some are paying others to wait in line for them. And resellers are putting them on eBay for two to three times the retail price. An average pair on eBay is selling for $300 and slightly less on Craigslist.

Last Week, Snap opened a pop-up store on 5th Avenue in New York city that will sell Spectacles until New Years Eve. This is the only semi-permanent Snapbot locations.

The most positive part of that effort was the news that Snap would sell its own hardware: Spectacles. Google Glass like in nature but at a much more reasonable price Snap Started rolling Spectacles out in various parts of the country in waves, selling them via Minion like Snapbot transaction machines.

This makes it one of the few places you can be assured to get a pair. It’s open from 4pm-10pm on weekdays and 6am-12pm on weekends.

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A lot of tech journalists braved the line last week, but I honestly couldn’t be bothered. “There is no way I’m going to wait hours in line for some stupid glasses”, is impressive I may have actually said out loud.

In Spite of my own thoughts about the, well, spectacle of spectacles, when I found myself near the pop-up on Thursday afternoon, I couldn’t help but try my luck.

I figured that after that the first week of animation, the line must have died down and I’d get in and out fairly quickly.

As I approached the pop-up store, was hearted to see a relatively small line outside. I attempted to join it and was then told by a nice security minder that actually, the line started at the end of the block.

The first rule of waiting in line for anything is to have entertainment. I had my iPhone and some headphones, so that was a good start. For the first hour, I spent my time listening to a Gilmore Girls podcast.

The second rule of line line waiting is to make friends. The people behind me weren’t much for talking, but a guy and girl in their mid-20s in front of me were chatty.

shockingly, most of the people in line weren’t resellers. According to the line guards, the resellers show up early, around 10:30 or 11. The crush of regular Joes looking to buy some sunglasses with cameras on them starts to filter in around 2:30 or 3:00.

There is a multi step certification process to get Spectacles. You get a bracelet, and then later, a hand stamp. You must have both to enter the store, where the Snapbot actually exists.

The Spectacles line isn’t the first time I’ve done this whole thing. That’s what was motivating about the Spectacles line. Most of the people were supposedly there to buy these glasses for themselves or for someone as a present, but I didn’t get the feeling that they strongly loved Snapchat.

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