Sony’s new headphones promise to drown out all outside noise

Sony’s new headphones promise to drown out all outside noise

BERLIN-Yesterday at IFA, “Sony announced its newest line of wireless audio products, including a pair of headphones that allows listeners turn on and tune in to their favorite music without having to drop out of the world around them.”

Companies including Bose, Beats, Plantronics .but, there’s always one or two components missing for that perfect package.

Sony is introduce the MDR-1000X, its wireless, a pair of noise-cancelling headphones with a set of features few such devices can match. Especially if you’re using noise cancellation and loud music playing, you can’t hear if a friend is trying to talk to you, or if there’s an announcement on the subway. It’s all cut out.

The headphones are of the closed variety, meaning they don’t allow a lot of sound in or out. Frequency of 4-40,000 Hz its response specify good sound, but because of the listening environment of the Sony IFA stand not being best. These types of headphones are best tested on buses and plains, they hardly ever hold down voices from the outside.

The headphones do have a “Personal NC Optimizer” feature. Which cut the noise cancellation to each individuals pair of ears. The Sony MDR-1000X headphones also has a couple of other interesting features. The Quick Attention mode, this feature allows the sounds from the outside in when you place your hand on the side of the headphone, on that also same feature in the form of button on Plantronics’ BackBeat Pros.

There are three different options for noise pass through on the headphones: first you can switch off completely, let through just voices, or let through both voices and ambient sounds, like places shuffling nearby you. The headphones have several noise-cancellation modes, which give you the option to block out as much sound as possible, or to filter in voices or ambient noise. Its intention is to let you listen to music in a quite environment, but make sure you can still near enough to be alert to your surroundings.

Sony's new headphones,wireless,Bluetooth
Sony’s new headphones

Sony’s MDR-1000X headphones will be available in black and gray-beige and cost 330 pounds ($439) when they become available in October. The headphones come in black or light brown, both are look attractive plain and forgettable, maybe that’s a good thing or a bad thing; it’s depending on what you want out of a pair of headphones

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