Sony Xperia Ear Finally Launched, it’s available for Pre-order in Europe

Sony Xperia Ear Finally Launched, it’s available for Pre-order in Europe

At the Tech show, the Company unveiling the Xperia Ear as ‘in-ear personal assistant’ during its press conference and now the device is available for pre-order.

It’s letting you to communicate via voice and head gestures, the ear bud is a new way to interact with a virtual assistant, putting something similar to Siri or alexa in your ear.

Since February, Sony Xperia Ear was announced at MWC with 3 other prototype projects. At that time Sony said it was coming late in the summer, but the later on the date was postponed to November, and now it’s available for pre-order absolutely on the it’s official website Xperia Store online in Europe.

It will cost GBP 179 in the UK and EUR 199 in France, Spain, Germany, and other European countries.

What’s the Sony Xperia Ear?

Sony Xperia Ear
                Sony Xperia Ear

It’s a Bluetooth headphone, but it’s not made for music as much as it’s a personal assistant living your ear. It can also read you WhatsApp and Facebook messages and if you doze, you can order replies to them. It can do web searches for you, help you find the way to a location, read you the news, tell you the weather conditions, and keep you updated on your schedule.

In the context of specs, the device weighs 6.8g, making it lightweight enough that it shouldn’t fall out of your ear during even the most enthusiastic of head gestures.

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In that also IPX2 water protection, so it can making it usable in the rain, even as the battery is a 65mAh capable up to four hours of talk time on a single charge. Xperia Ear does come with a charging case that features a 300 mAh battery pack to power up the ear bud when it’s not in use.

Now, you can only pre-order it in Europe, but it’s probably available in a few other European countries too. The Sony Xperia Ear will ship in mid-November, and Sony will send you back a EUR 50 or GBP 45 voucher toward any phone purchase on the Xperia Store.


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