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Samsung Gear 360, Samsung Gear, new Gear

New Samsung Gear 360 Sequel Shows Up In FCC

Samsung gear 360 came out last year and now a newer edition of the 360 degree camera is on the way. New Samsung Gear 360 edition is on the way to be appear, Samsung will launch new Gear 360 camera soon.

Samsung Gear 360 first edition came out last year and now company plan to reveal new edition of the Gear 360 camera.

The most rumored new Samsung Gear 360 Pro has been spotted on the FCC. The FCC listing page exposed a 3D render of the “Next Gear 360” along with the ID of the device.

Samsung is working on a better version for the new gear 360 with a handle and a power button like a gun-trigger.

According to FCC, Samsung is currently working to develop a better version of the new Samsung Gear 360 camera with a handle and a power button like a gun-trigger.

You will soon be able to buy the Samsung Gear 360 if you live in the United States.

New Samsung Gear 360

The FCC listing also exposed the new Gear 360 models name SM-R210, but the current first Gear 360 edition has a SM-C200 ID model name.

Well, there is no more detail about the Samsung Gear 360 specs, because more detail has been heavily redacted.

But, there is a 3D render reveals that it’s set to be a smaller (45mm in width), handheld device, scrapping the tripod design just like first edition of Samsung Gear 360.

New Samsung Gear 360

Samsung Gear 360, Samsung Gear, new Gear

There is more about the Samsung Gear 360 that the device has two 180-degree cameras on the front and back which create a different picture that you can take a look around.

Well, when Samsung Gear 360 launch last year, most of people have liked the way of taking videos on Samsung Gear 360.

Samsung gear recently previewed a new version of its Gear VR headset, which now comes with a handheld controller as opposed to the integrated touch pad present in previous versions.

The new Gear VR headset is probable to be fully announced when the company is going to unveil the next version of its flagship phones on March 29. It’s likely that Samsung would announced the new Gear 360 camera at that time as well.

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