Apple Will Be Launched Watch Nike+ on October 28

Apple Will Be Launched Watch Nike+ on October 28

Recently, Apple updated the Apple Watch Nike+ section of its official with a launch date on Friday, October 28, for the predictable device. Before Apple announced in September, the special Nike-branded Apple Watch is a unique version of the Apple Watch Series 2 with a breathable watch band and Nike Watch faces and complications.

Apple Nike+ Watch
                     Apple Watch Nike+ 

The Nike Company has also created a Nike+ Run Club social space that integrates with its Nike+ Apple Watch, and even on the back of its famous carved Apple Watch swoosh in to the aluminum.

You can also choose the color options for the band part of the device, between four different color options that mix together Black, Grey, Silver, or Yellow, and all models are the standard aluminum cover.

However when the Apple Watch series 2 was exposed, the Nike+ was still from that list not there it’s comes with the same price as the regular Series 2 Watch price at $369 for a 38mm case or $399 for a 42mm version.

The Nike+ product is largely unchanged versions of Apple’s new watch, comparison to Apple watch in that a few key differences, including the aforementioned go through band, which actually looks pretty nice in person. The shoe company has pinched the watch software a bit to include a Nike+ Run Club offering.


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