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There are lots of No Wifi Games, Wifi Free Games, and Non Wifi Games that you can play without an Internet connection. In this post we will present to you some of the best free games without wifi or offline games or No Wifi games that you can check out and play straight away. Do you like playing games on your Smartphone’s free games without wifi or No Wifi? Then you are at the right place. Here I have collected some of the best No WiFi and no internet games especially for you.

These Free games without wifi do not require Internet connectivity to run, no data charges. 10 no wifi games to take the fun with you wherever you go. Most of games are you can plays on online like without wifi connection and any time connect your (without wifi) free games to play but some games are really to best ever on android. Its means you can play no wifi (offline) connection required and always fun with games without wifi(Free games without wifi ).

A good game on your android devices has got to be the best game that you can play anywhere. Here we can see the various games to day by day to launches but we have a main difficulty is its online games or we have no any internet connection on android then boring to which is the best games ever on my android Smartphone. So in this problem to solve and here some best ever no wifi games for android or it’s a no any internet connection required in this games.

 Best Android Games 2017 > Free games without wifi 

At all times we have busy on some work and any time go other places and then some time to spent and you have no any internet connection means no any wifi and your Smartphone always you can plays games then try this Top Free games without wifi (no wifi games) Android Games 2017.

Puzzle: Lazors:

Is is the one of the most dominant game to no any internet connection required mean you have no any wifi to connect it’s  a wifi free games. The game is sensitive, yet at the same time challenging.

Each level starts with one or more active lasers, and one or more targets to get on game. You’ll also have a set-up all of mirrors, glasses, or other types of blocks to move around.

Position them so that the laser hits the target to. There are 280 levels to get through, and it gets more difficult as you progress.

Download Puzzle: Lazors (free games without wifi) For Android Device

Asphalt 8 airborne:

Asphalt 8 airborne is a latest version of without wifi free android games(Free games without wifi ). So you can easily to play and also you have to ride some advance features on this game.

Asphalt 8 is a true grouping of quality graphics, speed, and awesome cars. Also the new asphalt 8 combines new stunts cars and arcades, even an aircraft carrier.

The developers decided to throw everything they can on this one. On a good device, the game play is pretty smooth as you race against other opponents to win cash prizes that you can then use for upgrades and to also purchase new cars.

Although the game can be played offline, the multiplayer experience for asphalt 8 airborne is one of a kind and is actually one of its strong points. The game is free on Google play but has in-app purchases.

Also Asphalt Nitro is best; you can’t have a game that takes 2GB just sitting on your phone for an internet emergency. That’s unbelievable! Asphalt Nitro is the smart option. It takes only 110 MB of space, and it works even on older hardware.

Download Asphalt 8 airbone (free games without wifi) For Android Device

Download Asphalt 8 airbone (free games without wifi) For iOS Device

Six guns: Gang showdown:

It is a created by the gameloft, and it is action based game like Six guns is a third person shooter action game based on the action scenes of the wild west Arizona and Oregon in a land filled with cowboys, bandits and scary vampires.

You have to complete 40 missions, as you race horses, take out robbers and finish off waves of enemies along the way.

You can unlock different weapons clothes and weapons clothes and weapons to help you off in your action filled adventure.

Also it’s a follow the steps it means some mission on action filled adventure. So download to playstore on android best ever no wifi games.

Download Six Gang Shadown (free games without wifi) For Android Device

Download Six Gang Shadown (free games without wifi) For Android Device


It is the most popular ever and no wifi required games(Free games without wifi ). One of game is Badland. It is a  is a 2D runner game, set in a beautiful forest full of various residents, it’s a game that which won the number of the award and also 40million plus people are using the games and lots of appreciation from the various app store companies.

It is a best for offline game (Free games without wifi)there are lots of trees and flowers. For this Game you can say no wifi games. The game has stunning physics-based gameplay, quality graphics, and audio to optimize your gameplay. There are really no limits or rules to this game, it is just endless fun.

It is 4.5-star rating on Google play, proof that it is really a joy to play. It is available for free on Google play with a download size of 184Mb. So download for free off time to play easy and no wifi required for games.

Download Badland (free games without wifi) For Android Device

Download Badland (free games without wifi) For iOS Device

Despicable me:

Despicable me is a 3D runner game. And minions are a load of fun and bananas. Minions are collecting bananas as you jump, roll, dodge or just scramble against others in fast-paced missions.

Also you can get from the racing time awesome locations inspired by the actual movie as you upgrade to awesomely costumes as you also use hilarious weapons and power ups. So Despicable download and fun games without wifi.

Download Despicable me (free games without wifi) For Android Device

Shadow Fight 2:

In this game you have a play always on offline no any wifi connection required for games. We have forever action seen to see in Movies so in this game case same as a Action games to integrates,  Remember those kung-fu movies with all the energetic kicks and moves, well here you get the chance to try them on real enemies but with an addition of mortal weapons.

Shadow Fight is a 2D game based on a character “Shadow “who lost his physical body when he unleashed some commanding demons as he tried to save his home from invaders.

He now exists as a skilled shadow warrior who has to fight the demons and their various bodyguards in his quest to get back what he lost. The game has numerous stages to ensure you will always have an enemy to fight. The game has some in-app purchases but is not impossible to play without.

Download Shadow Fight (free games without wifi) For Android Device

Hill Climb Racing 2:

One of the best racing games is called Hill Climb Racing 2. It very funs games without wifi (Free games without wifi) to play any time so don’t wait go to playstore and download.

Download Hill Climb Racing (free games without wifi) For Android Device

Download Hill Climb Racing (free games without wifi) For iOS Device

Minecraft: Pocket Edition:

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Developed by Mojang, Minecraft is a true adventure game allowing you to put your creativity on the loose.

First one best Game choice for you is the Minecraft. So Minecraft: Pocket Edition can play it purely to craft impressive structures and mechanisms or you can take on survival mode where you must defend against enemy mobs through harsh nights, all the while discovering new items and creating stronger equipment.

Set in an infinite virtual world the game allows you to use blocky cubes to create your own virtual world whether it’s a bridge, clouds or building using the many materials available; dirt, stone, brick or sand.

Download Minecraft (free games without wifi) For Android Device

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Lots of Android Free games without wifi are available on our Smartphone playstore but it for benefit is offline it means no wifi connection required for games because our lots of internet data west on online game and also developers are provides a good and very high definition or graphics for without wifi games so we have play online. It’s my best android games. These wifi free android games (Free games without wifi)  do not require internet connectivity to run or no data charges. It’s my best no wifi games to take the fun with you wherever you go.

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