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Inexplicable Internal Screen Crack  


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10/02/2020 12:29 pm  

I just received a smallish RCA tablet, and I factory reset it and even installed a few apps. I placed it gently on a soft surface to charge. When the screen turned on, it was cracked on the inside. I did absolutely nothing that could possibly cause this, but here we are. The screen suffered a spontaneous internal crack. Could you explain to me how this could happen? Just to remind you, I treated the tablet with gentile loving care for the few minutes I had it, and yet the screen suffers a spontaneous internal crack nonetheless. I need a scientific explanation.

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15/02/2020 6:19 am  

From a swelling battery to a bump in the wrong location, the screens do crack. Unless it's in warranty these are never taken to the repair shop. Some folk find spare bits on Ebay.